Driver, 68, who killed man in crash doctored dashcam to hide 88mph speed

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(Cambridgeshire Police)
Martin Young, 68, crashed his car into one being driven by 84-year-old William Hall and then doctored dash cam footage to hide his speed (Cambridgeshire Police)

A killer driver who tried to doctor dashcam footage to hide the fact he'd been speeding in a fatal accident has been jailed for 20 months.

Martin Young, 68, crashed his car into one being driven by 84-year-old William Hall on the A1307 in Cambridgeshire in December 2019.

Mr Hall was taken to hospital, and later died in May 2020 after being kept in hospital with a neck fracture and contracting Covid 19.

Detectives found that Young has been driving at almost 90mph before smashing into the front of Mr Hall's VW Polo as he turned across a junction.

Both Young, Mr Hall and a passenger in Mr Hall's car suffered serious injuries.

It was initially thought that Mr Hall was at fault for the collision, and Young was overheard saying: "Elderly drivers should not be driving", the court was told.

While Young sent the original footage to his insurance company, but following Mr Hall's death he sent a mobile phone recording of the footage which had a piece of paper covering the speedometer.

When police finally got an original copy of the footage, it was clear the footage first provided had been altered to obscure the speed.

Young had initially told police he was driving at between 60 and 65mph, although the footage showed he was travelling at 86 to 88mph.

On Wednesday Young, from Haverhill, was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison at Cambridge Crown Court after pleading guilty to causing death by dangerous driving and perverting the course of justice.

He was also disqualified from driving for five years and 10 months and ordered to take an extended re-test, as well as pay costs of £2116, plus a victim surcharge.

Martin Young has been jailed for 20 months  (Cambridgeshire Police)
Martin Young has been jailed for 20 months (Cambridgeshire Police)

Detective Constable Rochelle Eves, who investigated, said: “Young was travelling at excess speed on the A1307, a road he knew to be notorious for fatal collisions.

“His attempt to avoid responsibility ultimately failed and it shows that if you lie to the police you will be found out.

“This is another case which shows the importance of careful driving and the dangers of speeding.

“I want to thank the family of Mr Hall for their dignity and patience while we have investigated this sad and complex case.”

In a statement, Mr Hall’s family said: “Bill was a kind, loving and gentle man but also strong and determined.

“He was a proud husband, dad, grandad, great grandad and father-in-law who loved spending time with his family around him. He was always interested and keen to hear what we were all doing.”

The statement added his death had left a “massive hole” in all of their lives.