Drone debris causes temporary power outage in Rivne Oblast

Electricity supply has been restored
Electricity supply has been restored

Some settlements in Rivne Oblast were cut off from electricity overnight due to debris from attack drones, the head of Rivne Oblast State Administration, Oleksandr Koval, stated on Telegram on May 29.

The Ukrainian military shot down Russian UAVs in Rivne Oblast during an overnight attack, causing UAV wreckage to fall on a power facility.

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The protection system was triggered, leading to a power outage in some settlements, according to the regional state administration.

As of this morning, the power supply has been restored. There were no casualties.

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An air raid alert was declared in several oblasts of Ukraine overnight due to the launch of Shahed drones by the Russian military. Armed Forces destroyed 13 of the 14 drones.

Power system deficit and blackout schedules in Ukraine

"Russia has carried out five mass missile and drone attacks on Ukraine's power grid since March 22. Due to the damage, Ukrainian power plants cannot produce as much electricity as before the attacks," Ukrenergo said.

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Controlled blackouts have been introduced in all oblasts of Ukraine since May 14 due to a significant electricity shortage.

Ukrenergo stated on May 20 that all major thermal and hydroelectric power plants in Ukraine had been damaged by Russian strikes.

The company urged consumers to shift the use of powerful electrical appliances to daytime hours, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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