Drones strike Gazprom oil refinery in Bashkiria - nearly 1,700 km from Ukrainian border

Drone flight over the Gazprom plant in Bashkiria
Drone flight over the Gazprom plant in Bashkiria

Smoke was seen above Russia's Gazprom Naftokhim Salavat building in Salavat, Republic of Bashkortostan (Bashkiria) following a drone attack, governor Radiy Khabirov claimed on May 9.

The Gazprom facility in Salavat is still operational, he claimed.

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Emergency services and heads of law enforcement agencies arrived at the scene, he claimed.

Khabirov called the attack "an attempt to dishonor the holiday (Victory in WWII Day - ed.)."

There were no casualties in the attack or the fire at the facility, the BAZA Telegram channel claimed.

Gazprom Naftokhim Salavat is one of the largest oil refining and petrochemical production complexes in Russia, specializing in the production of gasoline, diesel fuel and other types of petroleum products.

Salavat is located approximately 1,700 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

Earlier on May 9, a fire broke out at an oil depot in Yurovka, Krasnodar Krai, not far from the Crimean Bridge, following a successful drone strike.

Attacks on Russian refineries

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Ukraine has regularly targeted oil refineries in Russia with long-range drones since the end of January.

Ukraine's SBU Security Service has carried out at least 13 successful attacks on Russian refineries, SBU head Vasyl Malyuk said.

As a result, oil production and processing in Russia decreased by 12%, he said, adding that oil export revenues make up one-third of the Russian budget and the "lion's share" of the military budget.

It is known that the following facilities have been targeted:

  • Tuapse oil Refinery on Jan. 24

  • Volgograd oil Refinery on Feb. 3

  • Afip oil Refinery on Feb. 9

  • Ilya oil Refinery on Feb. 9

  • Lukoil-Nizhny Novgorodnefteorgsintez Plant on March 12

  • Ryazan oil Refinery on March 13

  • Kaluga oil Refinery on March 15

  • Syzran oil Refinery on March 16

  • Kuibyshevsk oil Refinery on March 16

  • Slavyansk oil Refinery on March 17

  • Novokuibyshevsk oil Refinery on March 23

  • TANECO oil Refinery on April 2

  • Ilsky oil Refinery on April 27

  • Slaviansk-ECO oil Refinery on April 27

  • Ryazan oil Refinery on May 2

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Russia is running out of gasoline due to drone attacks on oil refineries, Politico reported on April 30.

The price of diesel fuel for Russian consumers has increased by almost 10% in a week.

Gasoline prices in Russia have increased by 20% since the beginning of the year.

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