Drug abuse among students rising at alarming rate: Nur Jazlan

C. Premananthini

KAJANG: Out of 29,583 secondary students, a total of 825 students have tested positive for drugs, from January to March this year.

According to the National Anti-Drug Agency (Nada) statistics, Kedah recorded the highest number of students, with 218 students screened, involved in drug abuse.

Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan who was present at Nada Excellent Service Award ceremony today, said the significant increase of drug abuse among students are at an alarming rate.

Speaking to reporters, Nur Jazlan said the government is concerned about the increase and wants the relevant ministries to work closely to stop the situation.

"The students are under the purview of the Education Ministry and also the Higher Education of Ministry.

"Though Nada has an awareness programme called 'Shield' to educate students, we still need the cooperation of the Education Ministry and Higher Education Ministry to give us information so we can carry out our enforcement activity.

"They either can talk to Nada or inform the police of drug pushers because there activities of students becoming drug pushers in universities and in schools, " he said, after presenting the awards to first half of the 467 recipients here at its headquarters, today.

He said the government is looking into taking tougher action against students who becomes drug pushers.

Nada was more focused on carrying out awareness programmes and providing drug rehabilitation treatment for drug addicts.

"But now, Nada will carry out their own enforcement. They will have their own lock-ups, because before this they were using the police lock-up.

"Nada is in the process of requesting funds to build more lock-ups," he said.