Drunk woman jailed for throwing items and pushing police officers in country club

Hannah Teoh
Senior Content Producer
PHOTO: Getty Images

She was with her two sisters at a country club and they had many drinks including beer, cocktails and three jugs of Bourbon Coke.

Cher Sheue Ping Shirley, 36, got into a scuffle with two other patrons and threw a microphone stand and bar stool in their direction. When the police arrived at the scene, Cher shoved two officers and was arrested.

In the State Courts on Friday (15 December), the sales director was jailed four weeks after pleading guilty to one count of using criminal force against a public servant, and one count of committing a rash act.

The court heard that Cher and her sisters were drinking at Warren Golf & Country Club on 28 April 2016 when a dispute arose between them and two other patrons, promoting one of Cher’s sisters to call the police.

When two police officers arrived, Cher began behaving aggressively towards them. She demanded a glass of wine but the officers stopped her from drinking anymore because she was already intoxicated. Cher hurled vulgarities at them and tried to approach the patrons with whom she had a dispute.

Cher tried to approach the patrons several times and refused to cooperate with the police officers. She told the first police officer, Musa Ahmad Dahlan, “You think you can hold me?” and pushed him on the chest. This caused Musa to take a step back.

The second officer, Siti Aminah Mohd Jamaluddin, told Cher not to touch Musa. Cher retorted in a sarcastic tone, “I touch him leh. How? How?” Cher then pushed Siti with both hands. Cher was then arrested.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Joshua Rene Jeyaraj sought a jail term of at least four weeks, saying that even though Cher was frustrated that the two patrons were not under police investigation, it did not mitigate her response towards to the officers, said DPP Jeyaraj.

Cher committed the offence while intoxicated and behaved violently throughout the evening, the DPP added. She also showed clear contempt towards the officers in a public place.

District Judge (DJ) Sarah Tan said in court that Cher’s state of feeling frustrated “provides little excuse to push (the) police officers”.

DJ Tan sentenced Cher to four weeks’ jail for her action towards the officers, and one week’s jail for throwing the bar stool and microphone stand. She ordered both sentences to run concurrently.

For using criminal force on a public servant, she could have been jailed for up to four years and/or fined. For committing a rash act, she could have been jailed up to six months and fined.

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