DTI monitors price of bottled water amid water shortage, El Niño effects

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has warned water refilling stations unduly hiking prices amid the scarcity of water supply in parts of Metro Manila and Rizal Province.

This is following the increase in the demand for bottled water as shortage-hit households and establishments resort to buying gallons of water for various purposes.

In a report on UNTV News and Rescue’s Ito Ang Balita (IAB) by Mon Jocson, some internet users shared on social media the great pains they are going through in order to get water for bathing and other needs.

Among them is Twitter user Rodson Suarez, who said he used mineral water to wash off the grime off his skin.

Miguel Ventura also posted a photo of himself on Twitter with an empty 5-liter bottled water he said he used to take a bath earlier.

Rayla, however, was not fortunate enough as all bottled water in a convenience store near her have already been purchased.

Twitter user Mary Rose Alquiza, on the other hand, posted a photo of herself carrying a container full of water for bathing and other purposes with the #walangtubig (no water).

DTI said it has intensified its monitoring of bottled water prices but has yet to determine the duration of the water shortage before it can decide on whether to hike its retail prices.

Aside from bottled water, disposable utensils, plastic drums and other water containers have also become costlier as suppliers receive higher demand.

Coping up with water shortage

Eastern Metro Manila and parts of Rizal province has been grappling with limited water supply for nearly a week now after Manila Water experienced supply issues amid the drying up of La Mesa dam partly due to the effects of El Niño.

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In order to survive the ordeal, some residents used their ingenuity while others made light of the situation.

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Twitter user @UntilParisFades shared on his account that he feels fortunate to be able to use their office shower facilities to freshen up.

Justhine Ross, meanwhile, said on Twitter her family wrapped their plates with clear plastics to avoid washing while user @DaddySimon07 from Mandaluyong said he discovered his hidden talent of taking a bath with just three dippers full of water.

The aforementioned posts are just proofs that being resilient has always been a trademark of Filipinos during trying times, be it with low or no water supply. – Robie de Guzman

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