Men are gifting their partners racy boudoir photoshoots for the holidays

Priscilla Blossom
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What happens when you cross some strategically placed gift boxes, a mostly nude man and a photographer with a keen eye and a sense of humor? It’s called Holiday Dude’oir and it just may be the next present you receive from (or give to) your significant other.

Photographer Jamie Gallagher of Treasured Moments explains it all began when a friend asked her to take boudoir-inspired photos of her husband, Boe Jenkins. In his images, Jenkins is seen wearing nothing but cowboy boots, a Santa hat and a smile, along with some strategically placed props. His wife was, ahem, present for the shoot and according to Gallagher, was Boe’s “biggest cheerleader” throughout.

The photoshoot was a hit, and has landed Gallagher a number of additional holiday dude’oir sessions, including this one of another playful male model.

Gallagher became a photographer in her teen years after losing her father and realizing she had few photos to look back on, but started up her business about 5 years ago. She’s been offering affordable, quality portrait photography ever since, but says she especially loves shooting boudoir.

“The world likes to tell us what is considered sexy. They like to tell us it's a specific look, size, age, height, weight etc. and I hate that,” Gallagher tells Yahoo Life. “I love making people feel good in their own skin! We're hard enough on ourselves as it is with the expectations set in front of us.”

While she’s shot men’s boudoir in the past, this was her first year specifically offering Holiday Dude’oir. Gallagher says she creates a different holiday theme set up for each one, and requests models bring their own present boxes. “So nobody assumed the presents under my holiday set up have been placed on the male body,” she jokes. Gallagher also reminds interested folks that they can always bring a significant other along with them, and that despite appearances, models are actually always covered up.

Gallagher isn’t the only photographer getting in on the holiday dude’oir trend. Novia Timbers from Savannah, Ga., shared a “stud muffin” shoot she did.

And a Kansas-based photographer who goes by the name Vintage Image on Facebook has also posted a few holiday-inspired dude’oir shots, including this one of a gentleman in candy cane stockings, and several featuring festive couples getting just a bit fiery. Photographer Jenny Cox from Ontario shared her candy cane-themed take on the trend too.

It’s not exactly the first time dude’oir has made headlines during the holidays. Back in 2017, photographer Gayla Thompson offered Dude’oir Calendars, which included some holiday-themed images that gained plenty of internet interest.

As for those who are still hoping to get in on the fun, Gallagher offers a bit of advice. “Relax, and take a deep breath!” She wants potential clients to know she takes care of everything and always poses her models to compliment their body type. And while it might be too late to get racy holiday photos in time for this year, it’s never too soon to start thinking up your photoshoots for the year to come.

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