My Dumb Little Brain Is Completely And Totally Blown After Seeing These 23 Absolutely Fascinating Pictures For The First Time This Week

1.Traffic lights are absolutely gigantic:

A construction worker holding a traffic light that's as tall as he is

Remind me never to start a fight with a traffic light.

Twitter: @cameronfromncl

2.This is what the toilet on a submarine looks like:

A toilet bowl surrounded by pipes and chains and cords and valves and knobs, with a sign with lots of text labeled, "Directions for operating: before and after using"

3.This is the world's tallest statue, the Statue of Unity:

A statue of a man atop a building

4.This is the world's most isolated lighthouse, Thridrangar Lighthouse, located in Iceland:

Overhead shot of a lighthouse on a small island

5.Speaking of isolated things, this is a house also located in Iceland that some have called the most isolated house in the world:

A lone house on a rocky, hilly landscape

Would be cool to enjoy one single beer there.

Bruce Yuanyue Bi / Getty Images

6.This is Ralph Lincoln, the 11th-generation cousin of Abraham Lincoln:

Close-up of Ralph Lincoln, with a beard and light mustache and thick eyebrows

7.In this picture, you can see both Europe and Africa:

The view from a plane, with two sections of land and lots of ocean

8.Sperm whales sleep vertically:

Two whales in the water lying vertically next to each other

This is not terrifying to me. Nope, not at all.

Kerstin Meyer / Getty Images

9.You're probably familiar with the "Face on Mars," an image of a formation on Mars from the 1970s that launched a million conspiracy theories...

An apparent face on the surface of Mars
Corbis Historical

10....well, this is what a much less blurry, much more recent photograph of that same "face" looks like:

A craggly, raised surface that looks nothing like a face

I still want to believe.

Photo 12 / Photo12/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

11.Speaking of Mars, this is what a sunset looks like on that there planet:

A misty, foggy view of the sun just visible over slightly hilly land

Not as nice as Key West, but what are you gonna do. Martians make do.

Nasa / Getty Images

12.This is what a polar bear's paw print looks like compared with a human hand:

A polar bear paw print next to a much smaller handprint

13.This is what the US-Canada border looks like in Idaho:

A forest with a thin gap between two sections
u/TK2483 / Via

14.This is what a peeled lime looks like:

A hand holding a perfectly peeled lime
u/tealraven / Via

15.This is Simone Origone — the man who set the world record for fastest speed traveled on skis — traveling, well, fast:

A person crouched over skis going downhill and wearing a latex-looking red outfit

This man needs a Babybel cheese sponsorship STAT.

Gerard Julien / AFP via Getty Images

16.This very, very, very tiny rectangle is $57 in gold:

A tiny rectangular dot in the middle of a person's palm
u/super-saiyan-potato / Via

17.Lots of US presidents have spoken multiple languages — here's a list of every multilingual president:

Many early presidents were fluent in Latin and/or ancient Greek, including John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Buchanan; Teddy Roosevelt and FDR were fluent in French and German; Martin Van Buren was a native Dutch speaker

Shoutout to the Little Magician and his Dutch prowess.

18.Some grocery carts have special little holders for your phone:

A grocery cart with a small slot at the top and front with a cellphone in it

19.Some people have extra lines on their pinkies:

Close-up of a person's hands showing five ridges on their pinkies

I want an extra line! Maaaaan.

u/bbystvr / Via

20.These are the fill-in-the-blank predictions on the special year 2000 edition of Cheerios called "Millenios":

The long list of predictions includes "The Red Sox will win the World Series in ___," "Scientists will find human life on another planet in ___," and "The first woman will be elected President in ___"

21.Reese's orange is a trademarked color:

Close-up of the Reese's candy wrapper saying, "The orange color is a registered trademark"

I wonder if Good & Plenty pink is also trademarked.

u/v3xpunk / Via

22.This is what one of the world's oldest pairs of Levi's jeans looks like:

A torn, slightly faded, and dirty pair of jeans

It's from between 1886 and 1902.

Ben Curtis — PA Images / PA Images via Getty Images

23.And finally, just for fun, check out the optical illusion these laptop keys make:

Close-up of a keyboard where gray dots appear between the keys but then disappear when you look directly at them

See the dots??? DO YOU?!?!

u/W33DG0D42069 / Via