20 Extremely Random Things I Just Found Out That Completely And Totally Blew My Mind Last Week

1.The inside of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is...underwhelming:

The interior of a hollow tower with light coming in at the top

They gotta get some OLED TVs up on those walls. Maybe a mini basketball hoop.

Alexey Izotov / Getty Images

2.This ol' lumpy thing is the ball used in the 1930 World Cup final:

A misshapen ball with interlocking fabric

3.The first Super Bowl didn't sell out — you can see plenty of empty seats in pictures from that day:

Players on the field and many empty seats behind them

4.Circulated money gets worn out really quick:

Stacks of $1,000 in new dollar bills and circulated bills, with the circulated ones much thicker and darker

5.Deep scars don't sweat, so dirt doesn't stick to them:

A dirty forearm with a clean line amid the dirt

That's one way to stay clean.

u/poemeck / Via

6.This is what a nude Twix looks like:

A Twix with the chocolate topping and one just with caramel

7.This is what a "modern" tomato looks like next to a tomato grown with 150-year-old seeds:

The new tomato is much smaller, more red, and less "imperfections"

A wee bit different, gang!

u/jambags / Via

8.This is how big a moose's tooth is:

A hand holding a moose tooth, which is large

9.This is what a dollar bill from 100 years ago looked like:

A hand holding an old dollar bill, which says "silver dollar" below the image of George Washington

Would it kill George Washington to smile?

u/cosmicmoods / Via

10.This is what an ASL word search looks like:

Government-themed words, like campaign, candidate, gerrymander, and incumbent, circled in an American Sign Language word search


u/first_bike82 / Via

11.This is what your blood without red blood cells looks like:

Orangey fluid in a transparent bag

Forbidden orange soda.

u[deleted] / Via

12.This is how big a giraffe's leg is:

A foot, leg, and thigh bone extending above the height of an office door

In case you thought giraffes weren't tall.

u/gicantopithicus / Via

13.Artichokes can be beautiful if you let them bloom:

Purple spiked thistles above artichoke leaves

I like to think we all have a little artichoke inside us.

Chris Griffiths / Getty Images

14.Here's another "American Super Bowl" section found in a German grocery store:

Lots of donuts, energy drinks, and popcorn

15.This is a preserved 3,500-year-old loaf of bread that was found in an ancient Egyptian tomb from the New Kingdom period:

It looks very dry and misshapen

You eating the ancient bread? Sound off in the comments.

Sepia Times / Sepia Times / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

16.This is what 8 feet of snow looks like:

A person making a path with mountains of snow towering above him on either side

My back hurts just thinking about shoveling this.

u/flipflopsanddunlops / Via

17.This is the bust of President Franklin D. Roosevelt that was used as a model for the design on the dime:

A large bust of FDR's head

Would it kill FDR to smile?

u/not-sure-wtf-i-am / Via

18.This is what the inside of an ATM looks like:

The back of the ATM has a keyboard, lots of cables, and other technical stuff

19.This is what it looks like when your entire bottle of glue dries before you can use it:

A translucent tube of glue

Nature is amazing.

u/trizziepie / Via

20.And, finally, this is what the OTHER side of a ladybug looks like:

You can see its little legs and eyes

Apologies to my ladybug friends for blowing up your spot like this.

u/axt_ / Via