Dungun rounds up 20 in op to help homeless, drive out addicts

Zarina Abdullah

DUNGUN: Twenty people found loitering the streets here were rounded up in a five-hour integrated operation by the Dungun Welfare Office's enforcement unit today.

Its officer, Naufal Mohd Yusoff, said the move was aimed at helping the homeless, vagrants and beggars in and around Dungun town, as well as to flush out drug addicts.

He said 47 men from the Welfare Department, the Dungun Municipal Council, the Health Department, the Immigration Department, the Civil Defence Force, the Dungun Religious Department Office and related agencies were involved in the operation which ended at 6am.

"Those picked up are between 23 and 65 years of age.

“We released 15 of them and advised them to return home; while five others, including a woman, are being held for further investigation under Section 3 (2) of the Destitute Persons Act 1977," Naufal added.

He said additionally, a woman and two men from among the 15 released by the Welfare Office were referred to the Dungun Religious Department, while five others who tested positive for drugs were handed over to the police.