Duo jailed over drunken brawl at Taman Jurong coffee shop

Amir Hussain
Senior Reporter
Kang Yew Huat, 67, and Koh Swee Lin, 61, pleaded guilty to causing hurt to Ow Chee Peng, 51. (Photo: Getty)

SINGAPORE — Two men who took part in a drunken brawl at a coffee shop in Taman Jurong were on Monday (18 November) jailed at the State Courts.

Kang Yew Huat, 67, was jailed for two weeks while Koh Swee Lin, 61, was jailed for five months and two weeks.

Both men pleaded guilty to causing hurt to the victim, Ow Chee Peng, 51.

Koh also pleaded guilty to possession of a weapon.

Victim challenged duo to fight

On 3 March, Kang and Koh drank alcohol at the coffee shop at Block 101 Yung Sheng Road. “They had consumed a significant amount of alcohol and were intoxicated at the material time,” said Deputy Public Prosecutor Benedict Teong.

The victim was also drinking alcohol with a friend at a neighbouring table.

“The victim had begun to behave aggressively towards Koh and Kang as he was intoxicated, and had challenged Kang to a fight. Kang and Koh had thereafter approached the victim,” the prosecutor added.

Kang grabbed Ow by the shirt and dragged him away from the table to an open space inside the coffee shop near the roadside pavement. He punched Ow once. Meanwhile, Koh told Ow’s friend not to interfere.

Koh grabbed a bunch of four keys attached together, made a fist and slotted the keys in between his fingers such that they protruded from the gaps in between his fingers. Koh then punched Ow twice on the left side of his body and twice on the head with the keys.

The victim fell on the floor and down a short flight of stairs leading to the roadside pavement outside the coffee shop. Kang then kicked Ow twice on the stomach as he lay on the ground.

Koh and Kang then fled the scene. They hid under a flyover near Teban Gardens Crescent to avoid the police until they turned themselves in a week later, on 11 March.

The victim had minor injuries and paid a total of $699.50 in medical bills, of which $450 came from his Medisave account.

When police raided Koh’s home on 12 March, they found a 38cm-long black truncheon and a 1.31m-long metal whip.

The maximum punishment for causing hurt is up to two years’ jail and a fine of up to $5,000.

For possession of a scheduled weapon, the penalty is up to five years’ jail with at least six strokes of the cane, for a first-time offender. Only men below the age of 50 are liable for caning.

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