Dutch-Indonesian bakery Beccarino’s Patisserie to close permanently in June 2023

Beccarino’s Patisserie, a Dutch-Indonesian bakery along North Bridge Road, will be permanently closing its doors in June 2023.

The bakery, which has been operating for 18 years, is known for its delicious cakes, bakes, cookies, pastries and rissoles.

beccarinos patisserie 16
beccarinos patisserie 16

The owners, siblings Kazze and Kyro, told SETHLUI.com that the reason for the bakery’s closure was because they had decided to retire. Unfortunately, Kazze’s only daughter had made the decision to follow a different career path, resulting in there being nobody to take over and continue running the bakery.

Kazze and Kyro expressed their sadness at the closure of the bakery, and would like to thank the community for having supported them over the years.

Beccarino’s Patisserie first opened its doors in 2005 in Tanjong Pagar, and later shifted to their current location at 755 North Bridge Road in 2021. The bakery initially started out selling muffins and cream puffs, and eventually expanded their menu to include goodies like choux puffs and Dutch-Indonesian rissoles.

I visited Beccarino’s Patisserie back in August 2022, where I got to enjoy their delicious baked treats. I was especially impressed by their crispy rissoles, which were priced at S$3 each.

beccarinos patisserie - choux puff
beccarinos patisserie - choux puff

The bakery also had some of the best Choux au Craquelin I’d ever had, including exciting flavours such as Taro Yam, Passionfruit, Rose Lychee and Gula Melaka. Their Roll Cakes were particularly excellent, with each flavour having its own incredibly distinct flavour and aroma.

Be sure to get a final taste of Kazze and Kyro’s baked treats before they close in June. To avoid disappointment, pre-order your treats via WhatsApp at +65 8733 1968 at least 2 to 3 days in advance.

Though I am upset that Beccarino’s Patisserie will no longer be in operation, I wish for Kazze and Kyro to have a happy retirement, and I sincerely hope that one day, I will get to taste their lovely bakes again.

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