Dutch police asks govt to evacuate Afghan female officers amid Taliban threat

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Amsterdam [Netherlands], October 1 (ANI/Xinhua): The Dutch police have urged the country's government to evacuate female police officers from Afghanistan as they are in danger from the Taliban.

This comes amid reports coming out of Afghanistan of violations of human rights, especially against women.

At least four female police officers have been killed by Taliban fighters over the past three months, Sputnik reported.

"Afghan policewomen have been in serious danger since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan. Their situation cannot but concern the Dutch police officers who participated in the mission there. The Taliban have direct access to the personal data of the Afghan police, including biometric data and addresses of our female police colleagues," the police said in a letter to the parliament.

"We cannot undermine their trust in us now. We must deliver them to a safe place in the Netherlands or other EU member states as soon as possible," the police added.

The Taliban seized control of Kabul on August 15. Evacuation of foreigners and limited numbers of Afghans fleeing their homeland in fear of the Taliban was completed on August 31, which was also the deadline of the withdrawal of international troops. (ANI)

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