Dwight Howard spent some of his Sunday trading insults with teens on Twitter

Dwight Howard just thought of a good comeback. (Getty)

Dwight Howard decided to use some of his downtime on Sunday to interact with fans and followers on the popular social media site Twitter. The results were … well … interactive.

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One fan noted that Howard, an eight-time All-Star and three-time Defensive Player of the Year, has bounced around a bit since his heyday with the Orlando Magic, and will suit up for his fourth team in six years when he takes the court for the Charlotte Hornets this season:

Well, that’s not very nice. (Screen shot via Twitter)

Howard did not appreciate that note, and responded in kind:

Another internet superhighway traveler struck a similar tone:

… and Howard struck a similar blow:

Having successfully clapped back at a 16-year-old cross-country runner from Connecticut, Howard continued to engage with the people of Twitter in constructive and meaningful ways:

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Howard found time during his roast session to offer brief snippets of his perspective on what’s transpired in recent years to make him one of the league’s most curious stars. Like how things fell apart in Orlando, starting with a certain Diet Pepsi-fueled news conference heard ’round the world:

@DavidBaumannORL yea but I don’t want the fans looking at the organization in a bad way. And I don’t wanna really bring up old things that hurt

@DavidBaumannORL That’s tru. And they won’t never see that side. But u know how I felt about the city. I mean I got 5 awards for community service. I was always in the city. Not cut z I had to but becuz I wanted to

@vinabu I agree. But who wants to bring up the past. The years in Orlando were amazing. But I needed to move on. And i hated how the media made it seem bad to fans but I literally treated everyone in Orlando like they were my own blood relative.

… and his aborted push to join the Brooklyn Nets back in 2012:

… and his muchdiscussed relationship with Kobe Bryant during their lone year together with the Los Angeles Lakers, which he insists now was a non-story then:

… and, perhaps most importantly, his take on lacrosse:

Glad we got all that straightened out. And to think: had Dwight just had a slightly busier calendar on Sunday, we never would’ve gotten any clarity on any of these outstanding issues. Thanks, Twitter. Thanks, Dwight. Thanks, everyone.

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