Dying Chinese mother’s wish granted as son heads to her sickbed after nine-year silence

Zhuang Pinghui
Dying Chinese mother’s wish granted as son heads to her sickbed after nine-year silence

A mother’s dying wish has been granted with the return of her son, who has been estranged from the family for nine years.

Yang Renrong, 32, from east China’s Jiangxi province, responded to a public appeal by his mother, who said she would refuse treatment for cancer unless she saw him again.

He telephoned his mother, Liu Xinu, on Monday, according to Thepaper.cn, and is travelling to the Shanghai hospital where she has now resumed treatment for uterine cancer so they can be reunited.

Yang’s call came weeks after his mother wrote a public letter, saying she was in the terminal stage of uterine cancer and wished to see her son because there was not much time left. She said she would not continue with chemotherapy because there was no point if she could not see him again.

Yang, who works at a hotel in Xian, capital of Shaanxi province, contacted police for the family’s phone numbers in response to media reports of his mother’s appeal.

“I wanted to come home every year but I haven’t been doing well,” said Yang, who was once the pride of his family after gaining the highest educational score in his home county of Yihuang.

In 2003 he was admitted to his first choice of major, aeroplane design, at Beijing’s Beihang University and made regular visits and phone calls to his family during his time there.

But in 2008, on a visit to him in Beijing, his mother discovered he had failed to graduate. Yang promised his parents he would retake his tests, but months later his father, Yang Chongsheng received a call from a bank, demanding payment of his son’s 30,000 yuan (US$4,385) debt.

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The father paid the money and asked his son, who changed jobs frequently, to find a settled position.

In March 2009, when his father called again, the young man refused to answer. Instead, he sent his father a text message saying he was fine in Beijing and telling the family not to worry about him.

Yang’s parents, who both received only a primary school education, went looking for him four times up to 2013 but could find no trace of their son.

The last information they had from police was that Yang had been using his identity card mostly in Beijing until last year when he bought a ticket to Xian and did not make any return trip.

Following his long-awaited phone call, Yang’s mother became very cooperative with medical staff and has resumed treatment while she awaits her son’s return.

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