From e-bike to exercise bike: The cycle that keeps you pedaling after the commute

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The eXXite XS is an easily transportable folding e-bike, priced from €1,599.

The Spanish manufacturer Rayvolt has unveiled its latest folding electric bike, the eXXite XS, which has the unusual option of being easily transformed into a home training device. It offers a good way to exercise, while also recharging the bike's battery in an original way.

Known for its retro-modern style e-bikes, Rayvolt now stands out with a folding electric bicycle that, once brought home, can be transformed into an exercise bike.

This electric bike is mainly aimed at busy young urbanites. Easy to carry around, the e-bike weighs 19kg and includes a removable battery, installed discreetly in the seatpost. It has a 250W motor and 20-inch wheels.

Once at home, a dedicated module can be used to stabilize the cycle and transform it into an exercise bike for a home workout. But as well as exercising, using the cycle in this way can also help recharge its battery. Workout progress can be followed via an accompanying mobile application, RegentFit, which also offers a simulator mode for cycling virtual routes with varying degrees of difficulty.

The eXXite XS is due out this summer, priced from €1,599 (approx. $1,950).

Check out the eXXite XS in this video:

David Bénard

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