E-scooter rider jailed over serious collision with motorcyclist and pillion

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A man riding an electric scooter along a pavement in Singapore.
A man riding an electric scooter along a pavement in Singapore. (PHOTO: Roslan Rahman/AFP via Getty Images)

SINGAPORE — An e-scooter rider encroached into a motorcycle's lane, causing both motorcyclist and pillion to crash to the ground, and was jailed for one year and 11 weeks on Wednesday (15 September) for causing grievous hurt to the motorcyclist and other unrelated offences. 

Itto Wong was also fined $30,000 and caned three strokes over unlicensed moneylending offences, such as harassing debtors by pouring coffee over their front door. 

The 26-year-old Singaporean pleaded guilty to contravening the Moneylenders Act; causing grievous hurt to the 55-year-old motorcyclist through a negligent act; and to criminal breach of trust by siphoning the cash from customers while working as a deliveryman. Another six charges of a similar nature were considered for his sentencing. 

Collision with motorcyclist while turning

On 29 November 2018 at about 7.40am, the motorcyclist and his daughter were travelling along Woodlands Loop while Wong was riding in the same direction as the motorcycle on the four-lane road. He knew it was illegal to ride his e-scooter on the road.  

While around the vicinity of 10 Woodlands Loop, Wong attempted to turn from the left lane to the opposite side of the road to get to his workplace. The motorcyclist and his daughter were on the right lane. 

As Wong crossed the road, he encroached into the motorcycle's path, resulting in a collision. The victim lost control of his motorcycle and fell onto the floor with his daughter. Wong also fell as a result. 

The victims were conveyed to the hospital and the motorcyclist suffered multiple fractures including around his eye, rib, and collarbone; a collapsed lung; and flail chest, where the ribs separate from the chest wall. 

He was warded for four days and given 34 days' medical leave with his medical expenses totalling $2,022.19.

The daughter suffered from bruising to her calf, lacerations to her knee and elbow, abrasions and tenderness in her knee. She was given seven days of medical leave with her expenses adding up to $262.07. 

Wong himself suffered from an unspecified head injury. 

Other offences relating to cash

In January last year, Wong also began borrowing from unlicensed moneylenders as he felt that he "was not earning enough money", court documents stated. He ended up owing them $2,000. 

One of the moneylenders suggested in March last year that he pay off the loans by harassing other debtors and assisting in bank transfers. The moneylender, known as Lawrence, had threatened to harass Wong, so Wong agreed. 

Under Lawrence's instruction, Wong transferred monies sent to him to other bank accounts until his bank account was frozen in May last year. Wong then used another bank account to assist in the transfers until it was also frozen in August last year.

Wong also harassed other debtors. He bought a can of coffee on 5 October last year and poured it on the front door and main gate of a debtor living in Punggol, taking photographs of his act to send to Lawrence. A resident of the unit called the police about Wong's deeds.

On the same day, Wong's supervisor at work lodged a police report stating that Wong had failed to submit cash entrusted to him by customers. 

Wong had been working as a deliveryman since January last year for CM Logistics, which provides courier services. He was required to collect cash from customers upon delivering parcels and hand them over to respective merchants. 

However, from August last year, Wong began pocketing the cash instead of returning it to CM Logistics. He siphoned a total of $1300.93 over eight occasions from August to September. 

CM Logistics found out about the missing cash when discrepancies were highlighted by the merchant that Wong had been providing delivery services to. 

Wong was given the opportunity to pay the cash back, but he failed to do so. CM Logistics eventually paid the shortfall to the merchant.  

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