Eagle-eyed viewer spots error in ‘Gossip Girl’ re-run: ‘How did that make it in?’

The original Gossip Girl might have gone off the air a decade ago, but the CW teen drama is still very much a cult favorite — so much so that it’s not unusual for fans to do regular re-watches of the series.

Longtime fan Blair Waverly (@blairwaverly) said on TikTok that she was watching an episode of Gossip Girl when something unexpected caught her eye. In one scene, which she filmed and uploaded to the platform, Blake Lively’s character Serena van der Woodsen is wearing sweatpants underneath a pink mini dress.

Clearly, the moment was unintentional but worth calling out. In fact, Waverly even took it as a chance to praise the show creators.

“Gossip Girl was so real for letting the entire cast wear sweats and Uggs just out of frame,” the TikToker wrote in her video caption.

Though we don’t actually see a pair of UGGS in the frame, we do see the camera zoom out on a shot of Lively as she stands in the middle of a restaurant, where the sweatpants are on full display.

For what it’s worth, it appears that Lively did attempt to cover up her sweats with an oversized handbag, and presumably, the scene was supposed to be shot from the waist up. But somehow, the error escaped the eyes of the camera crew and the editors, who left it in during post-production.

In the comments section, fans couldn’t hold back their surprise (and amusement).

“I’M CRYINGGGG,” wrote one person.

“How did that make it into the shot?!” asked another. “LMAO.”

“I’ve watched this a zillion times and never noticed this,” someone else confessed.

According to some loyal Gossip Girl fans, the faux pas allegedly happened during Season 6, Episode 4 (“Portrait of a Lady Alexander”), when Serena confronts Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) about whether or not he mentions her in his upcoming book.

Some commenters noted that this is a common practice on TV shows, where actors have to be on set for long periods.

“Every show does this,” wrote one person. “The actors are there for about 11 hours a day. It’s the standard.”

The Office did that too!” another person said. “Jenna Fischer (Pam) said she mostly wore sweatpants behind the reception desk.”

According to Showbiz CheatSheet, that’s true. Fischer came clean about it during a November 2019 episode of “Office Ladies,” her joint podcast with friend and former co-star Angela Kinsey (aka Angela Martin).

“There were times when I didn’t dress the bottom half of my body,” Fischer confessed. “So sometimes if I was only seated behind the reception desk, I only dressed the top half of Pam and the bottom half was Uggs and sweatpants.”

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