Early Starfield reviews put it below Skyrim but above Fallout 4 on Metacritic

 Starfield review
Starfield review

Starfield reviews are flooding in ahead of the game's early access launch, and as it stands over on Metacritic, Bethesda's long-awaited space epic is scoring lower than The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim but higher than Fallout 4.

At the time of writing, the PC version of Starfield sits at an impressive 88 Metascore, with perfect scores (including our own Starfield review) being offset by some notably lower scores from publications including PC Gamer and IGN.

Comparing that to Skyrim's 94 Metascore and Fallout 4's 84 Metascore, it's safe to say the critical response to Starfield at the time of writing is generally very positive but not quite up there with the best-reviewed Bethesda games ever. Fallout 3 also just narrowly beats Starfield with a 91 Metascore.

Here at GamesRadar+, Leon Hurley slapped five out of five stars on the game and called it "the best thing Bethesda's done since Oblivion."

He added: "Starfield isn't really a game you play to complete, it's more about living whatever sort of life you want in the literal universe Bethesda has created. Whatever you're thinking of doing, you almost certainly can do it, and the scale is almost a release in a way – you'll probably never see or do it all, so just enjoy the moment. There's months, if not years, of discoveries buried away in here, and even after 80 hours I can't wait to see more."

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