Eason Chan booed on stage

Eason Chan booed on stage

5 Dec – Hong Kong singer Eason Chan was booed on stage during his performance at a Beijing concert recently.

Asianpopnews reported that fans of the singer were annoyed when he repeatedly advocated his sponsor's product on stage, a brand of orange juice.

Not only did the singer were clad in an orange coloured shirt and drank the juice during performance, his backup dancers also wore an orange costume.

The product placement did not end there. Eason's stage was also decorated with oranges, causing fans to criticise him for the obvious advertising and booed in protest when he thanked his advertiser.

The singer, who was looked helpless during the situation, ended up asking his fans, "Do you have the money to sponsor my concert?" much to fans' chagrin. Eason then tried to lighten the mood but the concert did not run too smoothly after the incident.