Eason Chan further angers Marvel's Chinese fans

24 Apr – The organiser of the "Avengers: Infinity War" was not the only subject of Chinese Marvel fans wrath, as it was revealed that Eason Chan has also been slammed for his behaviour at the event and the subsequent social media post he published afterwards.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer recently sparked criticism among Chinese fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when he not only performed his song, "Let it Out" at the event that had nothing to do with the franchise, but also confused the "Avengers" stars with another superhero franchise, Superman.

But then, he decided to anger the fans even more with the group photo that he published afterwards on social media - him standing in the middle - and the post that came with it.

Eason wrote, "My apologies truly, bro! Didn't get the chance to introduce my great friend Ironing Man to the real Ironman today... but I did share your music/composition with the crowd, please forgive me."

The person he was referring to as Ironing Man was singer-songwriter Eric Kwok, who is said to resemble the Hollywood actor.

His post was highly condemned by netizens, who reminded Eason that he has yet to apologise for his rude remarks at the event. He had since deleted the message.

Some Marvel fans are now saying that they would ban him and the other performers like Jane Zhang and Joey Yung for what had happened.

On the other hand, Eason's fans defended their favourite star, saying that he might have been nervous about meeting the stars of the franchise. They also stressed that the singer did shake Downey's hand before he left the stage, which proves that he really was delighted to meet the actor.

(Photo source: Mingpao)