EastEnders airs updates on two missing characters in Cindy return story

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has confirmed some big events for Cindy Williams and Liam Butcher have taken place off-screen.

Liam was last seen retreating back to Germany to be with Cindy Jr, after he nearly destroyed his sister Tiffany Butcher's marriage to Keegan Baker.

Cindy Jr has no idea that her mother is still alive, no less back in Walford and living with son Peter and ex-husband Ian. The possibility of Cindy Jr discovering this shocking news has now been addressed.

In Tuesday's (September 5) episode, Ian and Peter were trying to help Cindy Sr deal with rejection from her children, Anna and Gina, when her eldest daughter Cindy Jr came up.

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"I just don't want her to have to deal with this," Cindy Sr admitted. "She's living this life in Germany with Liam Butcher and I'm just going to ruin it all. It's not fair."

Peter had to break the news to his mum that Cindy Jr had actually just broken up with Liam and thus wouldn't be hearing any updates from Walford from him.

"She's gone away travelling," Peter explained, adding: "Apparently it's a messy break-up. She's cut all ties. She's gone away to find herself."

There's no telling yet whether Cindy Jr's journey of self-discovery will eventually lead her back to Walford, where she'd be forced to confront difficult truths from her past.

aired 17 august 2015 played by mimi keene

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Cindy Jr's absence was first addressed last week, during a tense showdown between Cindy Sr and her mother-in-law Kathy Beale. Cindy Sr sheepishly asked Kathy if she'd heard from Jr, though Kathy admitted she'd sent a holiday card every year without ever getting a response.

Kathy was surprised when Cindy Sr admitted she'd never reached out to her daughter because she didn't think she had the right to uproot her life.

Mimi Keene most recently portrayed Cindy Jr during an extended stint from 2013 through 2015. Since leaving Walford, Mimi has had huge success with a recurring role in Sex Education.

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