Easy Ways to Pack More Things in Your Car’s Trunk

Cherryl Anne Cruz

A car’s size matters when it comes to trunk space. Also known as boot space, and  storage or luggage compartment, it’s the space at the back of the car that contains your luggage (and other things) when you drive your vehicle.

Generally, smaller cars have more limited boot spaces compared to larger cars, but that’s not always the case. For instance, the Honda Jazz can almost compete with some SUVs in terms of space. But what’s impressive is that it’s a subcompact hatchback that’s just a tad bit smaller compared its other formidable  contender, the Ford Fiesta.

That’s an exception, however, since most cars have trunk spaces somewhere between 280 liters to 400 liters, while the larger vehicles like SUVs and vans have figures that fall somewhere in the 400 to 1,3000 liter range.

How to Make the Most of Your Trunk Space

There’s a universal challenge that most car owners often face, and that is how to maximize a limited boot space in the first place. Believe us, there are many ways. And you’d be surprised how effective they can be.


Clean your car first

Make sure your entire trunk space is clean before doing anything else. Otherwise, you’d might as well waste your car’s space just for a half-eaten burger and large soda cups.

Use garbage bags

Yes, they may not look that attractive to begin with, but if you really need a lot of space to place your things inside, then garbage bags are really a godsend. Not only are they malleable enough to squeeze in tighter with other things, they’re extremely light too. This comes in handy when you’re packing in large and heavy things, like a huge tent or sleeping bags.

What if you’re allergic to them? Another decent alternative would be to use soft bags made from cloth. They can still add bulk, though–unlike the black garbage bags.

Use clear boxes

Pack using clear boxes to make thing easier to see. That way, you won’t have to open all 12 boxes just to look for your foldable toothbrush.

Use small boxes instead of the larger ones

Whenever possible, avoid using the standard brown or white box. Go for the smaller ones, instead. These boxes can fit more in awkward or tight areas, allowing you to use of all the trunk’s space more efficiently.

Stack properly

Are you carrying a lot of fragile glassware with you? How about towels? If you do, then a good way to combine both is to place the towels at the bottom of a hard, plastic box (preferably clear). Then, place the breakable or fragile items in between, and top them off again with more towels—or even a small, flat pillow.

Make the most out of hidden spaces

Get “outside the box.” Look real hard inside your car, and you will see there are numerous gaps under the seats and glovebox that you can use for extra storage.

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