Eat 3 bowls 呷三碗 to close iconic classroom-themed cafe on 24 Sep

When we think Taiwanese dining, there’s a high chance Eat 3 Bowl 呷三碗 is among the first names that come to mind. Despite their prestige and accrued brand awareness, the establishment is having to close its first cafe.

Eat 3 Bowl closure - Crawford Lane entrance
Eat 3 Bowl closure - Crawford Lane entrance

In a Facebook post on their page, Eat 3 Bowls announced that their Crawford Lane restaurant will be ‘closing its doors permanently’, with the last day of operation being 24 Sep.

Eat 3 Bowl closure - Interior collage

Eat 3 Bowls had a humble beginning as a hawker stall back in 2016 at Suah Imm Food Centre (even before that, at pasar malams), offering a faithfully rendered Taiwanese menu at head-turningly affordable rates. Since the momentous shift to operating out of their first restaurant, the higher prices have not stopped Singaporeans from turning up in droves.

Part of the appeal is their classroom-themed interior that convincingly emulates a setting right out of a school in Taiwan.

Eat 3 Bowls closure - Eat 3 Bowls set

Their signature Eat 3 Bowls set (S$17.50) serves up three compact bowls of crowd-pleasingly authentic Oyster and Pig Organ Mee Sua, Shredded Chicken Rice, and the classic Braised Pork Rice, alongside a choice of beverage.

Eat 3 Bowls closure - Pasir Panjang outlet

A second location with similar vibes but set in a train station was opened at Pasir Panjang in early 2021, bringing their authentic Taiwanese fare southwest.

It seems we won’t even have time to mourn the closure at Crawford Lane as Eat 3 Bowls announced a new outlet at One Compass Mall a day later.

But in the meantime, don’t scramble for the door just yet as their Pasir Panjang outlet will be continuing operations. If you’re really that big a fan of their Taiwanese classroom aesthetic though, go right on ahead.

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