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You don't have to choose a beige Toyota Corolla

The price of a 10-year-old used car has risen 75% since 2010, with the average price now $8,657 according to data from Edmunds. Now, when people think about cars in that price range, it's bound to be a depressing image. You know, something like that beige Corolla up there. Yuck.

Rest assured, however, it does not need to be that way. There is no shortage of not-depressing cars in that price range that don't have a bajillion miles and won't cost a bajillion dollars to maintain. To prove that, we decided to scour eBay for a few finds that cost just about $8,657. Admittedly, many are older than 10 years old, which perhaps demonstrates the rising cost of used cars, but nevertheless, we'd much rather have something older that isn't depressing than something newer-but-still-old that makes us die a little with each turn of the key.

eBay Finds for less than $8,657

Here are some bargain-priced used vehicles for sale on eBay for less than $9,000.