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2002 Toyota Tundra

Consumer Editor, Jeremy Korzeniewski: Why not kill two birds with one stone by buying a truck for your winter beater? This Toyota Tundra may have a lot of miles, but there's a good reason that Toyota's trucks are sought after on the used market — they have earned their reputation as reliable workhorses. If it were mine, I'd spend a long weekend with a wire brush or maybe a grinding wheel and some underbody paint to deal with the surface rust hiding under the bodywork, but that looks like all that'd be required to make this thing ready for the winter driving season. This one has four-wheel drive, which means it's less likely to get stuck in a snowy or muddy winter mess (it looks like there's good tread on its tires, though a proper set of winters would be ideal). Plus it gets bonus points for its manual transmission.

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