EC to stop distribution of supplementary electoral copies to political parties


PUTRAJAYA: The Election Commission (EC) confirmed that it has issued a letter to its state directors to stop distributing the supplementary electoral roll copies (Quarter 2017) to all political parties.

EC secretary Datuk Abdul Ghani Salleh said the letter is to give early notification to its state directors as a preparation before an official letter (on the ban on the distribution of supplementary electoral roll copies) is issued to the political parties.

He said this applies not only to political parties but also to other stakeholders.

“According to Rule 13 of the Election Regulations (Registration of Electors) Regulations 2002, the display of Supplementary Electoral Roll is carried out for 14 days where it shows the names of applicants who apply to register as new voters and voters who apply for change of address of the constituency.

“During the exhibition, the supplementary electoral roll can be checked by the public, including political parties so that they can submit claims or objections to the list of the names displayed.

“Previously, it was a practice by the EC to distribute the supplementary electoral roll to all political parties. However, the EC, in its 773rd meeting on March 28, has decided that copies of supplementary electoral roll (both books and CDs) will no longer be distributed to the political parties,” he said in a statement, today.

He said that currently, stakeholders still have access to the supplementary electoral roll which is on display for checking, claiming and objection purposes.

“The EC will submit an official notification letter to all political parties soon to inform them that we have stopped distributing the copies of supplementary electoral roll.

“Any parties who want to check the supplementary electoral roll during the exhibition period for claiming or objection purposes can do so by visiting the places gazetted for the display,” he said.

On Friday, Parti Amanah Negara (PAN) yesterday submitted a memorandum to the EC to object its decision to stop distributing copies of supplementary electoral roll to political parties.

PAN Youth Election director Muhd Taqiuddin Che Man said the party was disappointed with EC’s decision as the supplementary electoral roll was important for all political parties.

“Such a decision on the information of voters in the 14th general election must be checked and validated,” he said.