Echelon 2014: First 25 startups confirmed for Startup Marketplace!

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25 out of 50 exemplary startups have been confirmed to exhibit at Echelon 2014 Startup Marketplace. Check out what they do here

This year, everything will be bigger and better. At the moment, the e27 team has travelled to 10 out of 12 countries to hold Satellites, a preliminary pitching competition to pick 10 stellar companies for our flagship tech conference Echelon this June 10-11 in Singapore.

At Echelon, delegates will also be able to hear from exemplary speakers from all over the world, and check out more than 100 companies exhibiting at Startup Marketplace and Tech Alley.

You must be wondering, “What’s Startup Marketplace? What’s Tech Alley? What’s the difference?” Well, while the latter is reserved for bigger enterprises to showcase their offerings, Startup Marketplace is strictly for the top 50 startups selected through a stringent four-step process during Satellites.

That said, we are extremely excited to reveal the first 25 startups confirmed to exhibit at Startup Marketplace this year. We will also be announcing the complete list of startups in the coming weeks, especially after the last Satellite event on May 1, 2014 in Australia. Do look out for more interviews with startups, speakers and sponsors as we countdown to Echelon 2014!

Here is the list of the first 25 startups confirmed for Startup Marketplace:

1. Integrity Analysis – This New Zealand-based company has developed SwingProfile, a video analysis technology to help golfers to improve their game, which was highlighted at the Japan Satellite. Users can receive real-time and an automatic analysis of their golf swings right on their mobile phones.

2. Yaraku Inc – Founded by Suguru Sakanishi, this Japanese startup wants to translate websites into multiple languages quickly with its platform, which was seen in action during our Satellite in Japan.

3. YOYO Holdings Pte Ltd - Incorporated in Singapore but based in the Philippines, this startup consists of two Japanese Co-Founders. Its main product Candy, showcased during the Philippines Satellite, looks to reward users with Internet data packets whenever they check out advertisements on their phones.

4. QSearch – At the Taiwan Satellite, QSearch managed to wow the judges and get crowned as Winner with its eponymous product that aims to become the Google Adwords for Facebook. How, you ask? Well, its big data analytic service determines the user’s latent desire for a particular product or service, and helps brands to reach out to the correct target audience.

5. Starling Labs Limited – This Hong Kong-based company is developing Shopline, a shop creation platform that allows merchants in Asia to sell and market their products without any prior experience in programming a website. In fact, it’s so easy that its users can set up a shop on their smartphones.

6. Mohio Limited – Based in New Zealand, this startup wants to change how people visualise data with Mohiomap, a web application that helps teams to analyse how they have been interacting with each other via Evernote and Dropbox, mind-map style. Last seen at the Japan Satellite, it might just be the lifehack you are looking for.

7. Brand Pit – This Hong Kong-based startup pitched at Japan Satellite with Brand Pit Analytics, a tool for brand managers to check out just how their products and services are doing on the World Wide Web. Instead of relying on the over-used hashtag and keywords, Brand Pit focuses on user-generated photos on social networks.

8. Four Eyes – That’s two eyes too many, but this Philippines-based startup’s eyewear store will allow consumers to try on spectacles at home. There is also a social cause to it; for each pair purchased, another pair will be donated to its partner World Vision.

9. Capy Inc – Having pitched at home country Japan, this startup has come up with Capy CAPTCHA, a solution to help website owners defend against unauthorised logins and identify theft with a verification process. It prides itself on a user-friendly and easy-to-use experience.

10. Medix – When was the last time you saw a dentist? Do you remember the dentist writing down notes on a sheet of paper? Well, Philippines’ Medix wants to help dentists go on the cloud and be more efficient in running their clinics with its ‘Medix Dental Software’.

11. Taamkru – This Thai startup is not only the winner of the Thailand Satellite, but probably a winner to many competitive parents looking to help their preschool children get a head start with an educational app. According to the CEO of Taamkru, Wicharn Manawanitjarern, the team will be releasing a new version of the app really soon!

12. Craftyful – Singaporean startup Craftyful won the hearts of the judges at Singapore Satellite, and went home winner! Touting itself as “The World’s Largest Discount Craft Store”, the platform sells everything from zippers to buttons to charms.

13. Ambi Labs Limited – Based in Hong Kong, this startup developed Ambi Climate, a learning climate control system that helps users such as new parents, caregivers of the elderly, and the eco-conscious to control their air-conditioners and create a consistent thermal environment while reducing unnecessary energy consumption. They won both People’s Choice award and was crowned the Winner at Hong Kong Satellite.

14. Travelog Pte Ltd – This Singaporean startup is the company behind Travelog, a web and mobile platform to help travellers find relevant travel information through their crowd-sourced recommendation engine.

15. BeMyGuest – Singapore-based company behind the eponymous aggregator of tours and activities in the region wants to help standardise local travel content and distribute their inventory further. The idea was birthed from an “off the beaten track” trip in Kenya.

16. Credarp – This Taiwanese startup believes that “improvements go with statistics”, which it wishes to utilise to help sports team track, organise and analyse data for games with its new tool elbum. Traditionally, coaches use a handy dandy notebook, which does not help in understanding the data and being able to make data-driven changes.

17. – Meet the Indonesian startup that won the People’s Choice award at Indonesia Satellite! This online directory wants to help tourists and citizens remain updated about latest happenings. With partners like restaurants and Mandala Tiger Airways in place, users can take advantage of to receive benefits.

18. JOB Forward – Based in the city-state, this recruiting platform took part in Singapore Satellite to showcase how it can help employers, job seekers and their friends find the right person for the job. It uses social graphs, and personal recommendations. In addition, it had won the People’s Choice award in Singapore.

19. easyuni Sdn Bhd – This Malaysian startup is the company behind, a higher education student portal that helps colleges across the globe recruit students and improve its brand exposure. Universities listed on the platform include University of Wroclaw, Poland; Asian International College, Singapore; and Shanghai Maritime University, China.

20. Smart Communities Pte Ltd – Based in Singapore, the company created RocketUncle which provides immediate or pre-scheduled delivery of parcels from e-commerce companies and retailers to local transportation firms and independent contractors. This means that shoppers will no longer have to wait on the courier company, hoping that their schedules will be accommodated.

21. Playbasis – Incorporated in Singapore, Playbasis is a gamification platform that helps large organisations increase user engagement, retention and loyalty through the use of data-driven game mechanics and behavioural triggers.

22. Echo 360 Co., Ltd – Based in Thailand, this startup is the team behind ad-sponsored free call service Freebie, which managed to partner up with Thai telecom company AIS. The service targets mobile users with a slightly heavier data or mobile consumption on a budget.

23. Matchdrobe – This Hong Kong-based company wants to fuse real-time fashion with style analytics. How does that work? By using its fashion app Arena, the firm can help trend forecasters and decision makers in the fashion industry better predict and make more informed decisions.

24. Glints Intern – With a proprietary personality profiling system, this Singaporean startup developed an internship portal for companies to find interns, and vice versa, based on personalities and skills.

25. Viscovery – Incorporated in Singapore, this startup has developed UR-Code, an image recognition service to help people search for information using their camera phones. Since scanning an object using camera phone is faster than typing, visual search then becomes a valuable tool in promoting mobile commerce.

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