20 Little Luxuries That Frugal People Allow Themselves To Spend Money On Because It Makes Their Life Enjoyable

Recently I've been writing a lot about people wanting to save money and cutting back on things that they feel are getting way too expensive. But, at the same time, there are things that people feel are worth spending money on because it brings them joy.

"18 Things That Have Gotten Too Expensive And People Are Saying Are No Longer Worth The Money"

Now, I don't mean it's about spending $100-plus several nights a week at restaurants or going on a shopping spree. It's more treating yourself to little things here and there because it can fit within your budget, and the happiness it brings you is also worth it.

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And recently, Reddit user YTChillVibesLofi hit upon this very topic when they asked: "What little luxuries do you allow yourself to keep life enjoyable while saving a lot and rarely shopping, etc.?"

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The thread got hundreds replies full of little luxuries people like to treat themselves to! Below are the top, best, and most often repeated comments:

1."High quality coffee beans and good brewing equipment. I enjoy choosing beans with different flavor profiles, the ritual of preparing the coffee, and drinking it. For me, it is money well spent."

Someone making pour-over coffee

2."Vacations. It’s a must."

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3."Tools. Having high quality, correctly purposed tools for the project at hand contributes significantly to my sense of calm."

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4."I used to just blind buy what I wanted. Now I keep a wishlist and put what I want rated from, like, 1–10, and every payday, I pick one of those things!"

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5."Books! My library has a secondhand books section that has really cheap, good-quality books. I've gotten many $30 books for $2–$3. Helps add color to the room, and I enjoy reading them. 🙂"

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6."Shop online and leave everything in my wishlists. Might have 20 things in [my] wishlist. Eventually buy one item in the sale or when I get a discount voucher. Still spend the time 'shopping' and following trends but don't spend much."

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7."Tea and all the associated equipment."

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8."I subscribe to a few fitness streaming services. They bring me a lot of joy, combined they still cost less than the gym. And I'm happy to support independent women-owned businesses."

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9."I always have fresh flowers in my apartment."

A woman arranging flowers on her coffee table

10."I like to regularly (like, once a week) have prepared Japanese food. It's really not bad on my budget doing it just four or five times a month. Plus, eating something is a biological imperative so covering a meal time removes some of the guilt of spending."

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11."I allow myself every now and then to go splurge at a nice restaurant with amazing food. Food motivates me a lot, lol. I used to do this all the time — now that isn’t an option — but it’s something I allow once in awhile."

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12."I think just owning one of something but making sure it’s good quality/can be used with lots of things. Take for example shoes — it’s a luxury to have a nice pair of heels, but if they’re the only heels you own and they go with all your heel-appropriate outfits, then I allow myself that. Or a coat, I spent a lot of money on a high-end coat about four years ago, but I wear it on top of any/all of my outfits during winter. I’ve got my money's worth, and I’m glad I spent more on a coat that’s lasted me."

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13."Very basic, but I like to buy a fresh croissant from the bakery across the road on a Sunday. 😂"

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14."I bought one of the AMC movie plans. Three movies a week for, like, $22/month. It's fantastic. I much prefer the movie theater audio than watching at home, plus it gets you out of the house for a bit."

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15."Grass-fed butter! A little goes a long way, and butter makes things taste so much better. I keep the butter in the silver foil wrap that clear says 'grass-fed' on it, and I smile inside each time I cut some out."

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16."Daily coffee from my favorite cafe. The joy the ritual brings me is far more valuable than the money I’d save."

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17."A subscription to Spotify, Audible, and the NY Times."

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18."I really like fashion. My closet has all my needs, and once in a while, I’ll thrift. There was a dress I’d been wanting on Etsy for the past eight months. Finally decided to buy it. Happy I did!"

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19."Good quality skincare products. Not a drawer full of them, but I always have a bottle of fancy retinol serum and an eye cream."

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20.And lastly: "I would say streaming services because nobody NEEDS them so I'd say they are a luxury. I have the major hitters: Netflix, Hulu, Max, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ (and I'll add back AppleTV+ once Severance comes back, lol). It's almost a thousand dollars a year for all of them, but I'm a homebody, and I love watching TV shows/movies, so I see this as an investment into my mental well-being. It's literally all I do, lmao."

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You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.