Edie Falco Has Thoughts on the "Mob Wife" Trend

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Edie Falco Has Thoughts on the "Mob Wife" Trendgetty images - Getty Images

Overnight, it seems as if the "mob wife" aesthetic has taken over TikTok, with many pointing to Sopranos character Carmela Soprano as inspiration. Now, Carmela herself—er, actress Edie Falco—is weighing in on the trend. Specifically, she is calling out the fur industry.

"The Sopranos had nothing on the violence of the fur industry which gasses, electrocutes and peels the skin off animals while they’re still alive. No matter if it’s new or vintage, torture doesn’t belong in our closets," Falco said in a statement via People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "So, if you’re after the trending Carmela Soprano-inspired ‘mob wife’ aesthetic, I suggest grabbing one of the many faux furs out there and leaving animals out of it."

Falco isn't the only star to weigh in on the trend. Sopranos costume designer Juliet Polsca told the Washington Post that she's "flattered" by the trend, but "the stuff that they’re doing doesn’t really have anything to do with my work." She added, "I think the biggest thing is, it’s not so much the clothing. It’s more about the attitude. It’s this fierceness. With Carmela, there was a strength and attitude that she had. She was not a wallflower. She was a strong woman. I think that appeals to people."

HBO spokesperson Jason Mulderig said, "It’s a testament to The Sopranos and its enduring impact on culture. As we celebrate the 25th anniversary this month, it’s no surprise that fans and creators have found inspiration from the series."

And it's not just The SopranosThe Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola posted on Instagram, writing, "I hear the ‘mob wife aesthetic’ is making a come back… The inspiration for the style of [Diane Keaton]'s character KAY was my wonderful wife Eleanor and I knew that Diane had taken Ellie as an example. On the other hand, the style of my sister, Talia Shire’s character CONNIE CORLEONE was a sultry, delightful Italian princess."

If you're looking to channel the aesthetic, here's a very T&C take on mob wife winter:

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