Education will be thrust of Seri Setia development

Manirajan Ramasamy

PETALING JAYA: The Seri Setia constituency needs a revamp in it's education policies and infrastructure.

Citing education as the main thrust for development, Pakatan Harapan (PH) candidate Halimey Abu Bakar said based on his observation, many education infrastructure in the constituency need improvements.

" There are many kindergartens lacking proper infrastructure and facilities and need to be upgraded immediately," he said at the PH election machinery centre here.

He adds that there are also dearth of secondary schools in the area as well as a lack of public libraries and Internet accessibilities for the communities living in the constituency.

The by-election on Sept 8 will see Halimey go head-to-head against Pas’s Dr Halimah Ali.

The Seri Setia state seat fell vacant after incumbent assemblyman and Selangor executive councillor Prof Dr Shaharuddin Badaruddin passed away on Aug 2 after a battle with cancer.

Halimey suggested that community halls including multipurpose, mosque and other locations such as temples, should be fully utilised as tuition centres.

" Those residing in flats have limited space for the children to study and places like this should be used for the community, especially children. This include getting the necessary volunteers to help these students," he added.

Halimey also opined that all children must master languages especially English.

" We will upgrade the current activities by improving the proficiency of English among all the communities here. Not just English but also Chinese, Tamil and others like Japanese and Korean language."

He adds mastering a foreign language will allow an individual to communicate better especially for work and even with tourist.

Based on this, he added he will work with the Education Ministry and Parents and Teachers Association to organise seminars, motivational programmes and team building camps, in order to enhance the knowledge of languages among students in the constituency.

Halimey said all this are his plans for the Seri Setia constituency, including recognising achivements of UPSR, PT3 and SPM students.

" All this are my plans, with the hope that, all the communities living in Seri Setia have an equal right to education and are not neglected."

By this, I hope all the voters of Seri Setia will come out to vote for in his by election on September 8," Halimey said.

The Seri Setia PH candidate also on the sidelines of his campaign visited the

Kampong Lindungan library, built from recycle cabins.

" This recycled library cabin in the first in Malaysia and I hope to extend this service to other strategic places in the constituency." he said. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd