'Eerie similarities' between Rousey and Hughes

A leading neurologist has likened the brutal kick that floored Ronda Rousey to the blow that killed cricketer Phillip Hughes.

Speaking to News Corp, Professor Chris Levi said Holly Holm's kick to the top of Rousey's neck could easily have proved fatal.

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Levi believes that Rousey, who was struck in an "almost identical area" to Hughes, was put at a high risk of neck trauma, stroke or death.

The knockout blow. Image: Getty

"At the top of the neck there is a relatively exposed vertebral artery that supplies blood to the brain", Professor Levi said.

"We’ve known for many years that sudden rotational force can actually tear the artery.

"If that vessel tears and there is bleeding within the wall of the vessel that bleeding can narrow the vessel, block it, and cause a stroke."

Hughes died when a cricket ball struck him in the neck, rupturing the vertebral artery to his brain, and causing a haemorrhage, after which he never regained consciousness.

After the fight, Rousey underwent plastic surgery on her face after she was brutally hit three times following the kick.

There have been calls for MMA fighters to start wearing headgear, while cage fighting is completely banned in Western Australia.

In March the Victorian government lifted its ban on the cage, paving the way for UFC 193 in Melbourne.

UFC officials recently released figures showing the state had received a $50 million boost as a result of the event at Etihad Stadium.