Effective date of new conscription bill: what's the timeline?

Conscription bill: date
Conscription bill: date

The Ukrainian Parliament moved forward with conscription bill No. 10449, passing it in the first reading on Feb. 7, and on Feb. 27, Members of Parliament commenced deliberations on the text for its second reading.

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The committee must now process over 4,000 amendments submitted by MPs, Ukraine’s parliamentary Defense Committee chair Oleksandr Zavitnevych said. This extensive process is necessary to ready the document for its second reading in parliament.

The second reading of the bill, inclusive of the amendments, could occur by the end of March, said the Defense Committee MP Fedir Venislavskyi.

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Concerning the implementation of the conscription bill, its text, No. 10449, stipulates that the law becomes effective one month after its publication, with certain exemptions:

Provisions outlined in Article 6 of the Law of Ukraine On Mobilization Preparation and Mobilization

  • Part 4 on the submission of information by Ukraine’s Internal Affairs Ministry to territorial recruitment centers about registered vehicles potentially earmarked for reinforcing the Ukrainian Armed Forces and other military entities during special periods established by the Cabinet of Ministers

  • Part 5 on the submissionof information by the Ukrainian Development of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Ministry, the Ukrainian State Service for Maritime, Inland Waterway Transport and Shipping to the territorial recruitment centers about watercraft listed in the Ukrainian Shipping Register and Shippping Book, possibly designed for the additional staffing of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and other military formations during the special periods, in the manner established by the Cabinet of Ministers

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Certain provisions of the Law of Ukraine On Military Duty and Military Service

  • Part six of Article 1, which exempts foreigners and stateless persons within Ukraine from military duty, except when provided for by law. In such cases, foreigners and stateless individuals legally present in Ukraine may voluntarily (under contract) engage in military service within the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the State Special Transport Service, and the National Guard

  • Part two of Article 26 on the discharge of current military personnel from military service.

As the Ukrainian parliament's Defense Committee deliberates on the amendments to the bill, no voting schedule has been set. The law's publication occurs subsequent to its endorsement by the Ukrainian President.

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