Man Complains Stomach Pain, Doctors Discover Phone He Had Swallowed Six Months Ago

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Doctors in Egypt were shocked to discover a mobile phone in the body of a man, who complained of stomach pain. This came to light after the man underwent an X-ray for abdominal pains. In the X-ray report, it was found that he had swallowed the device six months ago.

However, he was embarrassed to get himself admitted to the hospital for treatment. The doctors at Aswan University Hospital in the south of Egypt performed surgery on the man. The hospital staff extracted the device from his stomach.

The man was hoping that the device would naturally get out of his body. However, it became wedged in his stomach. He was suffering from severe abdominal pain and went to a doctor at the Aswan University Hospital. His x-rays and medical examinations were conducted at the hospital. In the reports, it was found that the man was having severe infections in his abdomen and intestines.

A foreign body inside his stomach for the past six months had been causing him life-threatening injuries that needed immediate surgery. The surgical staff of the hospital decided to perform surgery on him. They extracted a foreign body from his stomach, which turned out to be a mobile phone.

Dr Ashraf Maabad, executive director of the Aswan University Hospitals, said that the device the patient swallowed six months ago was used to prevent his body from accepting food. “But he is now recovering well after doctors saved his life by performing surgery,” he said.

Mohamed El-Dahshoury, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aswan University Hospitals, said that it was the first incident of its kind. He said that the phone was in the patient’s stomach for 6 months causing food to be withheld and leading to severe infection.

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