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Srilankan Buryani

When the Tamils from India went and settled in Sri Lanka, they took the recipe of biryani with them. The first shop that sold biryani in Colombo was called Buharis. And the Sri Lankan biryani that is much spicier than any Indian version is thus called ‘buryani’.

Eid special: 12 different types of biryani you must try!

The delicious rice preparation called ‘biryani’ has transcended cultures and become popular in India and around the world over generations.

Though the biryani is originally thought to have been a speciality of Persia, In India alone, there are at least 50 different styles of preparation in different regions.

Featured here are 12 lip-smacking varieties of biryani which every meat lover must try at least once!

Source: www.boldsky.com, news18.com