Eighteen arrested after 'Geng 24' videos at Klang school go viral


KUALA LUMPUR: Eighteen people, 13 of whom are students, have been arrested for their involvement in Geng 24-related activities.

The arrests came about after several videos of the group causing a commotion in front of a school in Klang went viral yesterday.

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, who shared one of the videos on Twitter, said a total of 18 people had been nabbed, with more arrests to follow.

“Syabas STAFFOC@PDRMsia, 13 students, five non-students were arrested around Klang. Many more will be arrested for being involved in Gang 24 activities,” he tweeted.

The arrests came after two separate videos of a group of motorcyclists causing a commotion and acting rowdy outside a school went viral on Thursday night.

Those in the clip were seen holding banners; one bore the letter “24”, “TD4” and a black swastika.

In the first video, which lasted 1.1 minutes, the group was seen shouting and reviving their motorcycle engines outside the school.

Meanwhile, the second video started with a close-up of a cake with a picture of a man with a native American headdress and words “SMK Sri Andalas”, “24” and “Apache” written on it.

One of the motorcyclists causing a commotion was wearing a school uniform.

Both videos seem to be recorded at the same location.