Ekeler’s Edge: Chargers/Raiders recap, yoga & Chargers/Chiefs preview

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Coming off a win against the Las Vegas Raiders in week 1, Austin Ekeler joins Matt Harmon to talk about the game day surprises the team faced and the adjustments the Los Angeles Chargers had to make mid-game.

Later, the guys tackles some fun “Ask Austin” questions before previewing the Chargers/Chiefs game and discussing the differences when playing a short week.

01:15 Chargers 24, Raiders 19

03:00 Khalil Mack

05:40 Chargers defense

06:20 Austin’s game vs. Raiders

11:00 Chargers backup RB rotation

12:00 Justin Herbert’s game vs Raiders

14:30 Gerald Everett’s TD catch

15:30 Justin Herbert

17:00 DeAndre Carter

21:30 Ask Austin questions

22:25 Mike Williams’ role in the LAC offense

28:00 Confidence in the LAC offensive line

32:00 Focus on being slippery or strong?

33:45 Saquon Barkley is back!

37:00 Yoga / Pilates in the locker room

41:30 Chargers/Chiefs TNF preview

42:00 How is it different in a short week?

47:40 Patrick Mahomes

50:50 AFC West matchups

52:40 Chiefs vs. Cardinals notes

56:00 Raiders vs. Cardinals preview

58:00 Raiders defense

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