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It's New Year's resolution time! Amazon's #1 bestselling smart scale is on sale for $22

As hard as we try, there’s no magic bullet to losing weight. Calorie-counting, step-tracking, cutting out carbs, drinking more water, eating more fiber — there are so many formulas for slimming down, it’s dizzying. (Also dizzying? Fasting. Be careful with that). No one method works for everyone, but anyone can get guidance with a smart scale. In fact, studies show that regularly weighing yourself may help you lose weight. If that’s your goal for 2023, you can get the Etekcity BMI Smart Scale on sale now for just $22 at Amazon.

This digital scale measures 13 biometrics, including body fat, muscle mass and BMI. Want to track your progress? You can sync it with your phone via its app, where you can store all your measurements.
$22 at Amazon

This little scale packs a weight-tracking punch — it does more than just spit out your poundage. It goes a little bit deeper, tracking your body fat, muscle mass BMI and 10 other metrics!

If you're serious about tracking your health, it can connect to Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbit so you can see your progress from month to month, week to week or day to day.

If aesthetics are important to you, it has an LCD display that lights up when you step on it. It's also made with sleek tempered glass that won't easily crack or shatter and can handle up to 400 pounds/180 kilograms. Oh yeah: It can show you your weight in both metric and imperial units! And four sensors ensure that it delivers hyper-accurate results.

Still not convinced this is the smart scale for you? Maybe its 57,000-plus five-star reviews will do the trick.

digital bathroom scale
Take your fitness tracking to the next level with a smart scale that's on sale. (Photo: Amazon) (Amazon)

"Unbelievable!" wrote one rave reviewer. "Of the many scales that I've owned over the course of a lifetime, this weight scale is the crown jewel of them all. On one hand, if all you crave is a basis scale, it is that. It gives you an accurate measure of your weight. However, along with the app, you can see a picture of yourself in numbers. Specifically, in addition to the weight, it provides information on your BMI (body mass index), body fat percentage, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, and muscle mass, among several other metrics. Learning how these numbers contribute to your "metabolic age" will spark you to change your habits or to maintain your present form."

"This scale tells you SO much more than your weight," raved another delighted shopper. "I’m so obsessed with it. It’s an important tool to any weight loss or gaining journey and it’s going to be a staple in my house from now on. Well done!"

Others love how accurate it is. "I don’t normally get excited about a scale, but this one was amazing," an enthusiastic shopper shared. "I’ve always hated digital scales because it seemed like you could weigh multiple times in a row and get completely different results. This one is not like that. I moved it, recalibrated it, got the same result. Did it again, got the same result. Took off my watch, did the same thing, it went down a tick."

"The scale is accurate to the T," wrote another satisfied customer. "Other scales I have use if I weigh myself three times in a row I will get slightly different weight. Although the weight variance with other scales are minute it makes a big difference to me to have exact accuracy. $20 dollars is nothing for an accurate efficient scale. AWSOME DEAL!"

"Cruel but accurate," wrote a shopper who experienced some Covid-related curviness. "I was feeling a little soft after the three months of lockdown, and after going back to the gym, I wanted to know my body composition breakdown.... It really does help to chart my progress. Am I gaining muscle weight? Water weight? Or that horrid fat? And if it is fat, is it subcutaneous or visceral? I use the results to help me sculpt my body, exercise, water intake, and diet better. It's a great tool."

Angling to achieve a slimmer, more sinewy you in 2023? Consider this your digital coach.
$22 at Amazon

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