De’el Woods: The Owner of ‘Better Than Amazing Records’

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With his successful entrepreneurship journey, De'el Woods has become an inspiring personality for all those who wish to start their own business. As a hard working individual and keen observer, De’el was not only just looking out for himself, but he strived to help others just like he worked on himself.

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The owner of ‘Better Than Amazing Records’ was not always a part of the music industry. In fact, he initially started working in an insurance company, Primerica, where he worked for around two years and made a total of less than $5,000 collectively. However, experience mattered more to De’el than money as he gained a strong foundation in belief and personal development which was way more valuable than $5,000. He later left it to first join 5Linx and then Wake Up Now where he learned lifestyle marketing/attraction marketing. As De’el gained more experience from his jobs, he also started to earn a good amount of income.

Life took a turn for him when he was recruited into Total Life Changes where he got a phone call from David Imonitie to film his introduction video for his forex educational platform. With this opportunity, De’el realized that he could not only free himself from poverty or the middle class but also help others do the same. As he was tired of storing money in his bank account and not growing it, he wanted to be educated in the world of investing. Even the people close to him weren’t in his “ideal” financial position. Thus, De’el took his first step as an entrepreneur and started his business of teaching people how to trade forex. His goal was simple: to achieve financial freedom and to assist as many people as he can to do the same.

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As De’el’s first entrepreneurial initiative was successful, he decided to help his two cousins who were struggling in the music industry for a combined 25 years. Since he wanted his family with amazing voices and creativity to be known worldwide, De'el established his own record label, ‘Better Than Amazing Records’. While also being the writer on the label, De’el provided these competing artists with proper funding equipment, studio time, and marketing. Currently, his label is working on an artist called, “M.Y.A.I”, whose popular songs are Classic and You A King ft. Brother Ben X.

With one existing successful business, De’el has high hopes for Better Than Amazing Records. He hopes for his record label to be able to support all the artists in need and show the world their talent. With De’el’s high spirit and expertise, his record label has high chances of succeeding in the near future.

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