Elanne Kong: "I'm a tomboy!"

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Elanne Kong: "I'm a tomboy!"

28 Jun – Pretty girl Elanne Kong confesses that she behaves in a very masculine manner when offscreen, according to UDN as reported by Daily Chilli website.

Laughing and giggling, the 23-year-old actress said: "Among all my friends, I am usually the only one who gulps down my beer at one go when we go drinking."

Just so you get an idea on how tomboyish she could get, Elanne said she was thrilled to work with the "oh-so-hot" Carol Yeung and many other beautiful models in her new flick, "Summer Love".

She also denied having a thing with former TVB sweetheart Sammul Chan, explaining that she only treats him as a brother.

She was quoted as saying: "He never treats me like a girl. Similarly, I've never treated him as a guy. We share similar personalities and can almost be siblings. We told each other before that we would be able to heave a sigh of relief if one of us finds a partner."

The beautiful fun-sized actress is still eager to fall in love and hopes that her future other-half would turn out to be someone like award-winning Hong Kong actor Sean Lau.

"I just want my other-half to be a talented and filial guy who understands me and doesn't flirt around and gamble. It doesn't matter whether or not he's cute or rich."

"I've seen how Lau interacts with his wife [former TVB actress Amy Kwok]. He always calls her 'baby' and brings her along wherever he goes! I really envy that!"