Elderly Singaporean busker gets robbed in broad daylight on Orchard Road (Video)

An elderly busker was robbed in broad daylight in a video that resurfaced online last night.

A man in blue with headphones on came up to the dancing busker on Orchard Road and casually stole money from his basket and walked away.

“Busker uncle was robbed by a young man in the middle of Orchard Road,” the video caption read.

The video, which was sent to news site Plan B last month, shows the uncle stunned after realizing that the man was thieving. While the uncle did not give chase when the man walked away, a woman who saw what had happened starts to shout and follow him.

When the camera pans back toward the uncle who is still visibly confused, he continues to dance while looking in the direction of where the man went.

It is not known whether the incident was a prank or if the person filming the video was an accomplice.

Many commenters on Instagram mocked the filmer for not helping the uncle sooner.

“[N]ice that u recorded but this scenario shldnt u have helped him-? before filming or immediately help him once Ur done filming,” user Sylently_owo wrote.

One also said this could be a “social experiment.”

According to Plan B, the uncle was able to get his money back from the man in blue thanks to the help of “good Samaritans”.

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