All-Electric Aston Martin Rapide E Runs on 600 HP

Wilbert Tan

It took a long while for the Aston Martin Rapide E all-electric sedan to get built, but it appears the car was worth the wait. Based on the V12 Rapide sedan, the British marque’s first electric production car produces a whopping 602 hp and 750 Nm.


The car was developed in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering, a supplier of Formula E batteries. As such, the Rapide E features two rear-mounted electric motors that deliver 250 kph and a 0-100 kph acceleration rate of less than four seconds. As for the range, Aston Martin reveals that the car can run up to 350 kms on a single charge.

The car can charge at a rate of 200 kms of range per hour using a 400-volt, 50-kW charger. Alternatively, faster charging is possible using an 800-volt outlet with 100-kW for 500 kms of range per hour.


Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin, has mentioned in the past that his goal for the car is to “have usable performance for laps of Nürburgring.” The company claims that the Rapide E’s performance numbers are repeatable, thanks to performance-enhancing features such as a powertrain that “enhances the feel, character, and delivery,” limited slip differential, three driving modes, and modified suspension components.

Although Aston Martin calls it a production car, only 155 Rapide Es will be built, and one of them will be featured in the upcoming James Bond flick. Pricing for the car is yet to be announced.

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