Electric car sales are expected to represent the majority worldwide by 2033

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More than one in two new cars sold in the world will be electric by 2033.

Within a dozen years, the number of electric cars sold worldwide will outnumber sales of combustion models. The big switchover should take place in 2033. The transition is expected to be swiftest in Europe, where by 2028 the electric trend is expected to exceed 50% of the new car market.

According to a study by Ernst & Young, in 2033 more electric vehicles will be sold worldwide than combustion models. While the tipping point in Europe is expected in 2028, it will only occur in 2033 in China and 2036 in the United States.

Europe is currently the leading market for electric cars and should remain so at least until 2031, when China is forecast to take the lead.

Again according to Ernst & Young, sales of combustion engine vehicles should only represent 1% of global sales by 2045. And with good reason: most manufacturers have already announced that they will soon stop production. This is already the case for Volvo, which switched to all-electric vehicles in 2020. DS, Maserati, Jaguar Land Rover and Porsche will also soon stop production, by 2030 Audi phasing out such models by 2033. The others will follow by 2040.

David Bénard

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