Electric substation of Russian FSB military base ablaze in Moscow Oblast

Substation is on fire in the Moscow region
Substation is on fire in the Moscow region

Fire broke out at a power substation of an FSB military unit and a military equipment manufacturing plant in Moscow Oblast, Russian Telegram channel Astra reported on May 15.

Power substation in Balashikha was on fire on May 14, officially reported mayor of Balashikha and local administration. Administration stated that the fire was caused by a “short circuit,” while mayor remained silent about cause of fire.

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Media reported that it could have been caused by arson.

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Substation, which was on fire is located on territory of same plant as the military unit 35533 of Russian Federal Security Service(FSB).

According to publicly available data, this military unit is part of Scientific and Technical Service of FSB. Center is engaged in development, production and testing of electronics and programs for military complex of Russia and some civilian enterprises.

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