Elena Kong apologises for breakup confusion

11 Oct – Hong Kong actress Elena Kong recently expressed her apology following the controversy surrounding her breakup and supposed secret marriage.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who previously confirmed that she and Ng Kwan Cheung have ended their relationship two years ago only for their secret marriage to be exposed by the media, shared with TVB's "Scoop" that she didn't expect that people would care so much about her personal life.

Elena stated that she thought that her personal life was something that she could control, so she decided to keep it to herself.

The actress also admitted that she was suffering from mood disorder, and was afraid that she wouldn't be able to handle the media if she spoke about it before.

As for father-in-law Kenneth Ng revealing their secret marriage to the public, Elena said that she will not blame the veteran actor for it.

"[Ng Kwan Cheung] and I are now two independent individuals. I hope to move on with my new life," she said.

As to why they called it quits, Elena said that after 11 to 12 years together, they begun to feel the relationship fading.

"There is no third-party involvement. It's just that the feelings were fading. We're still friends," she said.

(Photo Source: Elena Kong Instagram)