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Have you ever wondered why the glove compartment in your car is called that-- the glove compartment? Back in the day, early models of cars did not come with the luxury of windows, insulation systems, or temperature-resistant steering wheels. This is why driving gloves were a necessity to protect the driver’s hands from the potentially hot or cold steering wheel (typically made out of wood or metal), provide a reliable grip, and keep the driver’s hands clean from anything that might be on the fully-exposed steering wheel.

Most people today associate driving gloves with pretentious men who own luxury cars, and some people might not even know what driving gloves are! Apart from making a style statement, driving gloves can upgrade the driving experience substantially. Read on to learn some of the benefits driving gloves can offer along with some great choices you can pick up for yourself. 

Here are the top driving gloves of 2022

Riparo Genuine Leather Driving Gloves: Our pick

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Made from genuine leather, these Riparo driving gloves are a high-quality choice. Suitable for both motorcyclists and those behind the wheel of a car, these driving gloves are unlined for maximum sensitivity, and this unlined feature makes them ideal for hot days. These driving gloves’ excellent quality leather is supple, thin, and offers a secure grip in every weather condition. These gloves feature handmade knuckle holes and perforations to offer flexibility and ventilation, and a wrist strap at the end of the glove provides a snap button closure. These driving gloves are available in six different color choices, giving you some freedom to choose the statement you want to make behind the wheel.


  • Made of genuine leather

  • Unlined for maximum sensitivity

  • Handmade knuckle holes and perforations 


  • Not smartphone compatible

Alepo Genuine Sheepskin Leather Gloves: User-Friendly

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These driving gloves from Alepo can make an excellent addition to your driving accessories. Made from high-quality sheep leather, these gloves are soft, flexible, and durable. The interior of these driving gloves is lined with cashmere to ensure your hands stay warm during winters, and their pull-on style adds to the gloves’ convenience. The most convenient feature of these driving gloves, and the reason why we’ve given them the “User Friendly” award, is their 360-degree touchscreen function that lets you use all your electronic devices without being forced to take your gloves off. The anti-slip texture of these driving gloves makes them great for a strong grip on the steering wheel, and overall they’re a solid choice that you can’t go wrong with.


  • Made from high-quality sheep leather

  • Lined with cashmere

  • 360-degree touchscreen function

  • Anti-slip texture


  • Cannot be dry-cleaned

MGGM Collection Men's Leather Driving Gloves: Another great option

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If you want to make a style statement that matches your car, these driving gloves from MGGM can be a great option. Made from 100% imported lambskin leather, these driving gloves are soft to the touch, supple, and durable. The design of these driving gloves is traditional, with knuckle holes, perforations, and a wrist strap. The wrist strap offers a button closure, and the knuckle holes and perforations offer breathability so that your hands stay comfortable and relaxed as they steer. These driving gloves are unlined for a more reliable grip on the wheel, and they’re also touchscreen compatible, which is almost a must-have feature in today’s day and age.


  • Made of 100% lambskin leather

  • Knuckle holes and perforations offer breathability

  • Compatible with touchscreens


  • The leather may stain your hands

SEABIRR Thin Black Leather Gloves: Also consider

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Black in color, these leather driving gloves from SEABIRR are slick and classy. These driving gloves are available in three different styles, each style suitable for a different purpose. The sizes of these gloves are according to the standard American sizing system, so there should be a size that fits your needs. Made of lambskin, these driving gloves are comfortable and durable. They feature knuckle holes and a wrist strap with metallic button closure, but our favorite thing about these driving gloves is the brand’s warranty. If you’re not satisfied with the product, the manufacturer offers promotions up to 40% off, free exchange, or even a full refund. The commitment to customer satisfaction is clear, especially when you consider that they’re constantly improving their driving gloves to accommodate more hand sizes.


  • Available in three different styles

  • Made of lambskin

  • Excellent brand warranty 


  • Sizes may be inconsistent

isotoner Women's Spandex Gloves: Another option

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These isotoner women’s driving gloves are made primarily of nylon and spandex, making them flexible, durable, and comfortable on your hands. Because of their flexibility, these driving gloves offer a good stretch and a snug fit. These gloves are suitable for a variety of purposes, such as driving, running errands, as a fashion accessory, or even as PPE in the grocery store. They offer touchscreen compatibility so that you can use your smartphone with ease, and even better is that smartDRI technology makes these driving gloves weather-proof and waterproof as well. These gloves are available in two sizes, Small/Medium and Large/XL, and there are eight stylish colors to choose from.


  • Nylon and spandex design

  • Offer touchscreen compatibility

  • Waterproof and weatherproof


  • Not suitable for cold weather

Finding your next pair of driving gloves: A buyer’s guide

What are driving gloves?

If you’re new to driving accessories, you might not know exactly what driving gloves are. You’ve probably seen people sporting a pair of leather gloves behind the wheel and found it peculiar, and maybe even a little cool. Driving gloves are typically made out of thin leather and feature signature knuckle holes and a bare back. These gloves can help provide a strong grip over the steering wheel and shift knob, and also provide comfort during long commutes behind the wheel.

Why are driving gloves important?

Good grip 

High-quality driving gloves made of premium leather help the driver get a better grip on the steering wheel and gear shift. This is particularly important for professional drivers who need maximum control of the wheel, especially at higher speeds. 

Comfort in extreme temperatures 

Unlike the early models of cars that featured bare metal or wooden steering wheels, steering wheels are now typically made of steel with a rubber or plastic grip. Even with these design improvements steering wheels tend to heat up in the summer, and holding them can be an unpleasant experience. During the winter, holding the wheel with your bare hands can also leave you cold and uncomfortable. This is where driving gloves come in to save the day, as they help shield your hands from external temperatures for an enjoyable driving experience. 

Comfort during longer commutes 

If you’re the kind of person who takes a lot of road trips then you know exactly what this one is about. Vibrations felt through the steering wheel can numb your hands and make the journey unpleasant, so avoid this by wearing a pair of high-quality driving gloves. 

Steering wheel maintenance 

Even though most steering wheels feature a rubber or plastic grip, most people tend to get a cover for their steering wheel, and these covers are typically made from leather. Holding the wheel with your bare hands for a long time can lead to wear and tear (as your hands might be sweaty or dirty), so protect your wheel by slipping on a nice pair of driving gloves. 

Style statement 

This is the most obvious one. Many people have probably seen those behind the wheel of luxury cars wearing driving gloves, and this is because driving gloves, typically ones which match your car, are frequently used as a fashion accessory. 

Types of driving gloves 


Full-fingered driving gloves are typically made of leather, but can also feature materials like wool, with a leather patch covering the palm. A full-fingered driving glove will (naturally) cover your fingers, and this style works great for winters but can be an obstacle if you want to use your smartphone.  


Fingerless driving gloves feature the glove’s fingers cut off to provide greater flexibility and finger-dexterity, and this is why this kind of driving glove is the most sought-after. These gloves also let the driver use their smartphone with ease.


Traditional driving gloves are made from pure leather with no lining. This style is full-fingered, with knuckle holes and wrist straps. 


Cold-weather driving gloves are naturally full-fingered, with a cashmere or wool lining to keep the driver’s hands warm. 

Factors to look for in driving gloves


Most driving gloves are made of leather, but synthetic materials are also often used. Leather is naturally the first option when it comes to driving gloves, because of its durable and flexible nature. Leather also tends to offer a better fit once the gloves are broken in, and can also help keep your hands warm during winters. They’re also easier to clean than driving gloves of other materials.

The type of leather also plays a key role in comfort. Go for thin leathers like lamb or sheep leathers, but for those who want cruelty-free or vegan products, driving gloves made of nylon lycra or cotton are also available.


Size is a crucial feature to ensure comfort and functionality when it comes to driving gloves. Too tight of a glove will block blood flow and leave marks, especially if worn for a long time. Too loose of a glove, on the other hand, can be very uncomfortable and non-functional. 

To make sure you get the right glove size, use a measuring tape to take measurements of your dominant hand then compare these measurements to the size chart provided by the manufacturer. 


Lining mainly plays a role in keeping your hands warm. It’s better to get unlined gloves during the warmer months, as lining tends to reduce the sensitivity and overall feel of the steering wheel. Cashmere or wool lining, though, can help keep your hands warm, and this can be a deciding factor if you live in a cold region. 


Flexibility is pivotal in a driving glove to ensure solid grip and control of the wheel. A lot of factors add to the flexibility, including knuckle holes and kind of material. 

Wrist straps 

Traditional driving gloves feature wrist straps with metal snap buttons. Wrist snaps play a significant role in providing you with a solid fit-- if you happen to purchase a pair of gloves that are big, you can conveniently adjust the size with the help of a wrist strap. Some driving gloves feature velcro to secure the wrist straps, but the durability of these gloves is questionable, so it’s recommended to go for wrist straps that feature buttons. 

Knuckle holes

Knuckle holes are cutouts where the gloves go over the knuckles, and these serve two functional purposes. The first one is flexibility-- because leather can sometimes be rigid (especially when it's new), knuckle holes offer the added flexibility you need for a secure grip on the wheel. If a glove does not feature knuckle holes, you’ll notice increased wear and tear over the knuckle region on the gloves. The second purpose of knuckle holes is that they’re paired with the bare back of the side of the glove to offer breathability. If your hands are particularly sweaty, knuckle holes can be your saving grace. 

Touchscreen compatibility 

Even though it’s never recommended to use electronic devices while you drive, you might have to use your GPS or smartphone during an emergency. If you ever find yourself in this situation, it would probably be convenient if you didn’t have to take your gloves off every single time you needed to use your phone. Some driving gloves are now specially designed so that the fingertips of the glove are made of a conductive material, and this helps you use your phone or GPS without having to take your gloves off. 


The color of your driving gloves is all about personal preference. As a general rule, people tend to match their driving gloves to the interior of their cars. This is by no means required, though, so if you prefer brighter, bolder colors then go for it!

People also asked 

Q: What’s the difference between regular gloves and driving gloves?

A: There are several differences between regular gloves and driving gloves. While you can use driving gloves as regular gloves, the opposite is only possible in certain cases. Most driving gloves are made from leather, something that’s not true for regular gloves, which are often made of cotton, wool, or cashmere. Driving gloves also feature knuckle holes and wrist straps that most regular gloves do not have. 

Q: Are driving gloves waterproof?

A: Most driving gloves, but not all, are waterproof, as they’re made of leather or a similar material. 

Q: Which size driving glove should I go for if I’m in between two sizes?

A: It’s recommended to size down, as driving gloves tend to stretch once you wear them.

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