Emanuele D'Angelo on Landscapes and Drone Photography

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Emanuele D’Angelo is the Italian travel photographer who channels his passion for discovering as well as documenting all types of landscapes, cities, and people around the world into his photography. Despite originally starting out as a celebrity photographer, D’Angelo transitioned to travel photography as soon as he realized he could make a living doing it. D’Angelo’s curiosity and drive to find small moments of grandeur in every location he visits play a large role in his success. Whether he is in the Middle East or South, Central, & North America America or Asia or Europe, D’Angelo is consistently able to capture the essence of whichever city, town, part of nature he visits.

While D’Angelo does love to photograph the residents of the places he travels to, he has a particular love for landscape photography. D’Angelo has done extensive landscape photography in Northern Europe, the Middle East, and South America. Fairly recently, D’Angelo has doubled down on cutting edge photography tools and technology such as drones; this has helped D’Angelo be more bold and attempt to capture more unique as well as risky photographs.

D’Angelo has specifically used his drone to take incredible, extremely difficult to capture, photos across the ecosystems and landscapes in Iceland over the course of two visits. Further, D’Angelo has taken great photos in the Deserts of Jordan, which were also very challenging to capture.

Beyond Europe and the Middle East, D’Angelo has a particular love for South America. This is due to the prevalence of bright colors, gorgeous sunsets and intense landscape variety, according to the Italian photographer. D’Angelo has photographed some of the most sought-after nature destinations in a multitude of South American countries such as Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia, making lifelong bonds with the local residents along the way.

Beyond his cutting edge landscape photography, D’Angelo is also known for his photography projects based around cities and their specific cultures. D’Angelo is known for photographing all of the tennis courts in every city or town he visits. Further, D’angelo has a book on Tokyo titled, ‘October in Tokyo,’ and has photographed plenty of other cities and landscapes across Asia. D’Angelo also spent time learning about and documenting Los Angeles low rider and motorcycle culture, which produced his ‘Baby Let’s Cruise’ book.

With COVID-19 travel restrictions potentially loosening back up, we are excited to see where D’Angelo travels to, and photographs, next.

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