EME invests in Myanmar’s BPO company Lan Thit Masterpiece

EME invests in Myanmar’s BPO company Lan Thit Masterpiece

In addition to BPO services, Lan Thit Masterpiece also offers market research, customer surveys, ground marketing, and social media management

La Woon Yan (Senior Investment Analyst at EME Myanmar) with Hpauje Kai Hkawng (CEO of LML)

EME Myanmar, a recently launched early-stage VC fund, has invested an undisclosed amount in local call centre company Lan Thit Masterpiece Limited (LML) — its fourth since launch in November last year.

EME will help LML with general market awareness and economic analysis, so that the BPO company knows which industries to target for potential clients. In addition, the VC firm will help oversee the sales process, providing connections to international business and potential clients.

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Started in May 2018 by Hpauje Kai Hkawng (CEO), LML offers a range of outsourcing services, including inbound and outbound customer service, sales, data entry and ground marketing. Additionally, it offers market research, customer surveys, ground marketing, and social media management.

According to Hkawng, it can be difficult for companies to build good customer service teams in-house, and knowledge is often lost when employees leave the company. “By using LML, companies can focus solely on their main business, without worrying about customer service. As a specialist in customer service, LML knows customers’ requirements better, listens effectively and can analyse the customer trend based on customers’ feedback.”

As per a press statement, LML already serves several large multinational clients with significant customer bases.

LML’s founding investors are Masterpiece Group, a large Japanese outsourcing company, and Bagan Innovation Technology, a local tech giant famous for its keyboards and e-book store. Its CEO Hkawng earlier ran one of Masterpiece Group’s call centres in Japan for nine years.

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“The time is right for a new call centre in Myanmar. Companies are spending more on customer support as competition heats up, and consumers want better service. While hiring entry-level staff to handle customer service is cheap, LML offers a robust solution that saves money over the long term through better reporting, reduced overheads and fewer complaints,” said EME’s Investment Director Hitoshi.

EME is a sector agnostic fund with a special focus on ‘tech-plus’ startups (it means, companies that layer technology on top of existing networks/infrastructures that allows them to scale more quickly). It is particularly interested in education, logistics, entertainment, e-commerce and healthcare, and has also started considering more SME-style companies in food processing, tourism, etc.

Based in Yangon, the VC firm has previously invested in CarsDB, an online car platform, Joosk Studio, an animation studio producing digital content, and Mote Poh, an employee benefits startup.

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