Emerging Rapper Lil Peep Dies at Age 21

Emerging Rapper Lil Peep Dies at Age 21

Lil Peep, a promising crossover rapper who recently released his first full-length album, died Wednesday night,  just hours before he was to perform in Tucson, Arizona, according to reports. He was 21.

“I’ve been expecting this call for a year,” his manager, Chase Ortega, tweeted early Wednesday.

Lil Peep gained popularity through Soundcloud posts and his YouTube channel, which attracted viewers by the millions. He made much of his music in an apartment on Los Angeles’ Skid Row, The New York Times reported.

The Long Beach, New York, native, who was born Gustav Åhr, often sang about depression and drug use. The Guardian, citing his U.K. rep, Adam Grandmaison, reported Lil Peep was rushed to a hospital following a suspected overdose. Ortega didn’t immediately answer HuffPost’s inquiry.

In a video the alt-rapper posted on Wednesday, Lil Peep said he took six Xanax anti-anxiety pills, but assured concertgoers he would see “y’all tonight.”

Lil Peep’s alternative hip-hop tracks contained emo and hard-rock influences, outlets noted. He once told the Times that his songwriting candor about his struggles connected him to fans. “They tell me that it saved their lives,” he said. “They say that I stopped them from committing suicide, which is a beautiful thing.”

His debut full-length album “Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 1” came out a few months ago. A PitchFork review described it it as “a 24-minute bender informally dedicated to destroying relationships and idling around in what he sees as this vain and absurd existence.”

Here’s a track from the album: 

His passing drew swift reaction.


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