Emily VanCamp: Boots over heels

Emily VanCamp

Emily VanCamp would be happier wearing boots instead of heels on the set of Revenge.

The pretty blonde actress plays Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke on the hit show about a daughter seeking to exact revenge on the people who set her father up.

Instead of being allowed to don a pair of comfy boots, Revenge costume designer Jill Ohanneson makes Emily strut around in designer heels.

"We have found what works best for each character: Victoria [Madeleine Stowe] loves Manolo Blahnik, Charlotte [Christa B. Allen] works really well with Jimmy Choo. Emily [Emily VanCamp] would be happiest in boots, but we have to find that heel that still looks beautiful.

She looks great in Manolo, and we have some Christian Louboutin. I also use Charles David and Steve Madden. It’s really such a mix," Jill revealed to WWD.

Footwear plays a crucial role in the TV show, which has been on the air since 2011.

It's also a great platform for shoe brands to advertise their latest designs, although Jill remains coy on a new collaboration between the show and footwear companies.

"There is an amazing moment coming up. I can’t talk about it too much because we’re in negotiations with shoe companies to showcase their [brands]. One of the characters talks about lusting after this style. It’s an opportunity to showcase a great, interesting shoe," Jill smiled.

Aside from her Revenge duties, 27-year-old Emily is also currently gracing the big screen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, alongside Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson.

Both her movie and TV work require Emily to stay in tip-top shape, something she finds draining at times.

"I am constantly getting ready for something," Emily recently told Total Film magazine.

"I try to stay in shape as much as I can. I started Captain America when I was doing Revenge, so I already had to be in shape but, at a certain point, I'm going to have to take the time to really get in there if I am going to keep doing these physical roles. It takes a lot out of you. It is exhausting!"

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